Why does my mind wander during mediation?

Isaiah Y.
It is the job of mind to wander, just imagine if it stops what will happen to you! You go blank, so thank your mind for it’s job & do your duty without bothering about it.
Pearl O.
I start thinking about everything, boys what I wanna meditate about travel world issues. I don’t do the deep breathing either
Robin Z.
For me what I have come to notice is, I tend to have so much on my plate and I juggle everything at once. Take it one step at a time and steady yourself. When you loose focus stop and go back, breath and begin again………… eventually you will be able to fall into meditation and stay in it and you will prefect it.
Hugh N.
There is nothing wrong with your mind wandering, we all do that. It's because we're used to trying to make sense of everything that surrounds us, so we can react better if anything arises. Never try to deny arising thoughts, accept them, but don't engage with it, just let it float by.
Eduardo P.
Because that’s what minds do. Meditation is not about not thinking. It’s about not becoming involved or invested in your thoughts when they happen. When you have a thought or notice your mind has wonders, simply bring your focus back to your breath. With time and practice, it gets easier.
Simon J.
Its pretty simple, my mind wanders because I am not comfortable and I am not comfortable because I do not have a place where I can be truly alone, away from prying judging eyes. I need my own place or a place to find peace
Owen T.
Often it’s difficult to let go of the racing thoughts that clutter our mind. We are all too often concerned with tasks that we think need to be done but we need to try and be present in the moment of mediation. The dinner menu washing clothes vacuuming the floor can all be put aside trivial things keep us from staying focused. Sometimes our minds wander worrying about things we can’t change which causes distraction as well.
Lynn F.
Your mind wondering during meditation is natural. Especially if you’re new to meditating. The skill of focusing on the now and breath takes practice. So, if your mind wonders during meditation, just gently let the thought pass by like a cloud in the sky, and try to focus on the present again.
Ambre T.
Just a lot of distracting thoughts that interfere. Best way to counter that is to focus on one topic and meditate on it. Breathe and be aware. I use a meditating app every time I choose to meditate. For me, I need help and have someone else to guide me in meditation. Also, be aware of how long you meditate. You don’t need to meditate for a long period of time. Just ten minutes is fine. Hopes all those tips help.
Mem S.
Because you’re human!

But you shouldn’t be worried about it wandering, just focus on bringing your attention back whenever you can. And rejoice when you do!

Inara Q.
Wrong question. The mind always wanders -it is only during meditation that we notice. What is meditation? First it is training to stay focused and aware of the myriad of thoughts going through your head.