What is your dream goal?

Nikolaus Charles
To live freely but without being ruled by my emotions.

Harley Walker
To find a way to make a living that paysbenough, and feels meaningful, so that I can live a life that doesn't feel like a constant struggle … Struggling for enough money to get by, and never having it, struggling for connection and not finding it, struggling to feel meaning, and just feeling stuck.

Stacy Gilbert
To committ and finish what I have started. I tend to always start something and never follow thru.

Harald Trautmann
I want to be more open, more present. I want to learn to love. I want to learn to get out of my mind and enjoy. When I go out it feels strange and uncomfortable. I want to overcome that feeling.

Bastien Lambert
To do work and live life that feeds my soul and makes a difference in others' lives

Beth Diaz
My dream goal is to stop avoiding my problems and be a person that has self control that is focused on evolving myself mentally and physically

Arturo Velasco
I want to become the woman I know I can be. There are 3 aspects to this: 1) Get down to my goal weight of 150 pounds 2) have my books published 3) get my finances in order and live within my means.

Steffi Wenz
My dream is to make a better version of me, see me in the mirror and feel proud of myself, to not wake up in the morning and feel tired. To be truly happy with who I've become.

Niklas Lepisto
My dream goal is to create a program for women that helps them to feel better about themselves so they stop feeling small and embrace their magnificence and truly shine. I will use gratitude to change the world. It will be such a gift to myself to share this that it will never feel like work. And in turn I will continue to shine brighter and brighter too.

Calvin Dixon
To behavior towards the people closest to me like I want to treated, following my value system. I want to be happy and live in the moment, joyous memories abounding with my family. Sharing health and wealth with all those that cross my path. Animals and outdoors.

Troy Bates
I’d like to build something that stands the test of time.

Something that’s permanent.

I’d like to build the most efficient behavioral change tool.

Something so effective that anyone using it succeeds in adapting it to their own goals.

I’d like to build a company with a value of 1B.

This is going to be incredibly important.

Build something that stands the test of time. Something absolute.

Jayden Wright
Recovering from my last Business venture to first make my own health and relationships a priority again, win a loving girlfriend at some time, and then use my learnings to build a great new company where we make customers and employees happy.