How to focus on the breath without letting the mind wonder to much?

Sabrina U.
Imagine your breath is like a penjalim going up and down or side to side. I like up and down, once your brain wonders just slowly guide it back to the breath again.
A B.
Your mind is going to wonder no matter what, the thing to remember is to gently refocus on the breath when it does wonder. Equanimity is key.
Lena Y.
That,s actually a hard question. It is important that you are in peace while focusing on your breathing. I always sit in the same exact position at the same place so that I won’t think about my surroundings to much.
Tihan X.
Focus on the path your breath follows going into your body and coming out. It enters through your nose, glides down your throat. Starts to fill up from the bottom of your lungs. Your stomach blows up like a big red balloon as your diaphragm pulls your lungs down and makes space for more air. Your chest expands in all directions. Your shoulders lift up. Now your breath releases slowly. Your navel pulls in towards your spine. You push the last bit of air out. The cycle begins anew.
Rebecca P.
In short…practice.
When the mind wanders, just gently bring your attention back. And notice things about this as there is a reason your mind wanders. Perhaps you are overly critical or harsh when you realize your mind drifted away. This is to show you that in other areas of your life you may also be quite critical of yourself. Do you feel a sense of failure if your mind wanders? Do you become irritated or angry at yourself. Just notice. Accept you have these thoughts and emotions and then let them go. Just come back to what you intended to do. The practice strengthens the elasticity of the mind and frees the mind from the control of the emotions. It improves the ability to bounce back from that which is not a peaceful state. My peaceful state is a place of nothingness. No emotion. No thought. Just full presence in my perfect body that houses my spirit.
Namaste 🙏