I would like to know breath technique to meditate

Katrine Z.
Hmmm since I don't know much…but u may tru to take a deep breath hold it on and then release it slowly while doing this only concentrate on ur breath and not thinking abt anything else….hope it was helpful
Yassmine G.
So its an easy way to learn , you just put your mind into it and try to take as much air in hold it for a few seconds and then release it all but don't force it , try to make it as natural as you're breathing right now . Hope this helps πŸ™πŸ»
Sara P.
i find 4-7-8 to be quite useful but you do have to stick with it for a little while. just breathing more deeply than usual and being conscious with it, like really feeling it as you do it can be enough on its own
Lester O.
Imagine you are feeling up a balloon with all your emotions as your inhaling and imagine your letting them go as you exhale