in which part of the day do you like to meditate the most?

Clinton N.
I like to meditate first thing in morning after my mindful breathing. And I like to meditate just before sleep after another mindful breathing session. If I can get some time to myself middle of day then il dovthis after some mindful breathing again just to ground and centre myself.

I do a grounding and centreing meditation in the morning to wake me up and prepare myself for my daily tasks ahead of me.

I will do a grounding and centreing meditation in the afternoon to ground and centre and a bit of a pick me up if I'm suffering from my mh this will help me focus and get me through rest of the day.

I will do a grounding centreing meditation evening time where I will add some relaxing meditation to stop overthinking before sleep.

I normally do a meditation with eye mask on with head fones built inside yo help me concentrate on visualising techniques in meditation otherwise the light will make my mind wander.

I like to drink a chamomile tea before I begin meditating to calm me and I like to use candles and incenses as this helps me to relax. I sit up morning and afternoon meditation sessions and if I'm OK evening time il sit bur 9 times out of 10 my body hurts so I lay in bed to meditate.

I should do more work with meditation but I don't get the time yo as my life is very busy and chaotic.

I'm still learning yo breath and use visualising techniques but sometimes I find it very hard.