When do you meditate? In the morning or before you go to sleep? I often feel like I’m falling asleep when I do it at night and that’s not it’s purpose.

Elsie Q.
I actually tried meditation before I start my school work. Or anything in regards to paperwork/calader setting…
My sage candle is almost gone. It helps center my focus on the priorities.
Maxime Z.
I usually say a little thank you for the new day before I even open my eyes. I also make it a point to do at least one short meditation before I even turn my phone on (or sometimes I turn it on for a bit of music or guided meditation but it still stays in airplane mode until I am done). Throughout the day, I say short phrases to clear and bless my energy to keep me in the present moment. I bless my water before I drink it, bless the water I use for laundry, even. Everything is a meditation for me. I try and bless every thing I come across– office chair, desk, etc. During my lunch break, i feel excited to have that few minutes of meditation, usually guided. At night, it just feels good that I am able to have even a small amout of time to.sit up and meditate before bed.

If you're struggling with meditating before bed, change the way you do it. Sit somewhere else. Sit on the floor, maybe? Find the right music, or a guided meditation usually helps me focus too. All the best. x

L P.
I like to meditate after I get home from work. I get home change and start to relax. My biggest challenge right now is learning that it's okay to miss a day or mess up and to keep up the challenge. Missing a day is not a failure but quitting can be. Slow and steady
Ramona J.
I meditate before I go to sleep simply because it's a lot quieter in my house than in the morning. Try to do it 30 min before you have to prepare your bed or a bit earlier. Btw sometimes I meditate during the day too if I have time and place to sit. It takes only 10 min. And I think it's OK even if you feeling sleepy, why not? Meditation is relaxing technique in the first place as well as it has some other individual purposes. Good luck!
Pauline T.
I meditate in the morning and shortly just before going to bed. Falling asleep comes from your resistance to meditation. It’s normal but if it happens too frequently, open your eyes and look upper than usual. All that said, don’t put too much pressure on you either. If you’re tired, you’re tired: rest 🙂
Julia X.
I try meditate at the latest before dinner. I feel like as long as I take time away from my day to meditate I’m proud of myself. It is a great achievement doing it every single day.
Apoorva I.
I prefer meditation either during the morning before the start of the day or in the afternoon. It helps me refocus and be centered.
Wijenayaka Z.
I meditate at night and in the morning also, but I did not feel sleepy anytime. I manly focus on meditation and I'm enjoying my self. Every time I do this using fabulous meditation activities, the presenter always guides me. Therefore, I never feel sleepy or boredom.
Shawn Q.
In the morning. I tried in the evening but it didn't work. I meditate as part of my morning routine. Even when I'm in a rush, I still meditate for a few minutes.
Sristikam O.
In the morning, right after I wake up. It's part of my morning routine. Personally, I find that taking some time for myself at the start of the day puts me in the right frame of mind to tackle the day ahead.
Rico N.
I start with guided meditation or talks while I’m brushing my teeth and taking my dog out. Then I meet the mat, my dog and I, and we open our morning with beautiful Earth Salutations in welcoming with our body, spirit, and mind, joining the day as one. Later the day or eve presents to sit in quiet solitude to go into meditation and see what my Lord and Creator would say to me or show to me. I prepare in sacred space and being and quietly listen, never disappointed and always peaceful. That is my favorite meditation of the day and as I wind down my evening, I may join again with a moon salutation or close my eyes to a meditation that takes me inside and lulls me to the soft places within with my teachers, my dreams. Mindfulness meditation comes often through the waking day. But the evening is my favorite. Almost as favorite as morning.
Matthew Z.
I often meditate every night just before bed. For me, its relaxing and declutters my mind so I can fall asleep faster. It makes me slightly sleepy, and thats okay. Meditation is about being mindful of the body and the mind. Observing what sort of thoughts and feelings pass. But not trying to control them, just observing and moving the focus back to our breathing and our body. Its important to note what that state of mind feels like each time you do it. Therefore, if you cant remember what it felt like, you should do it in the morning. Remembering what it feels like is important to build your focus muscles.