Should you meditate everyday and for how long? Also how many days should you and how long. Or doesn’t me even matter at all how you plan it out.

Tha S Q.
I am just starting to meditate. I downloaded an application to help me with the process and joined into a challenge. I have been meditating everyday for 5 to 7 minutes
Aid E.
I meditate every single day for about 10 to 15 minutes a day, and have been doing so for the past 4 months. To me meditation is something healthy you can do for yourself every day of your life.
Emil P.
To get the full benefits of meditation you have to do it every day, preferably at the start of your day. You can start with 10 minutes each day. Try Headspace, it really helps me a lot with clearing my mind.
Vito F.
Everyday for 10-30 minutes. Meditation really clears the way for productivity and I enjoy doing it at night so I’m really relaxed for bedtime.
Justin E.
Yes, one should meditate daily and should do so at least twice a day for 10 minutes each. The first should be done upon waking up and the second mid-afternoon.
Rocco J.
Meditation everyday for me walking outside, breathing or listening to a meditative session for 15 minutes helps reduce my stress and increase my focus.
Rom O Z.
I think you should meditate everyday, so it becomes a natural part of your routine. Maybe 10 minutes on a regular basis and then longer when necessary.
Rodney O.
I am just starting out. It's been three days and don't time it. I just try to focus on breathing and sitting still. I plan to add more sophistication later. For now just following through on my commitment keeps me motivated.
Karl Friedrich U.
If you just started meditation, I recommend you start with short sessions (<10 min), but have it once a day. After a while try to increase it by any amount that works better for you.
Becky E.
It doesn’t matter. I’d suggest starting small (1-5 min ideally per day, but several times per week is great too). From experience I can tell you all of those short minutes really add up to big gains!
Mandy J.
I mediate daily and make it apart of my morning routine. For an active mind and to calm to focus it’s important. I used a guided meditation app called calm
Antonelo S.
Start by meditating every day for 2 minutes. Use guided meditations (there are many apps, or you may even find many on Spotify or YouTube). 2 minutes might seem short, but it really isn't lol. Once you've mastered that, you may move onto longer meditations, and/or unguided ones! It's game changing…
Lana C.
It doesn't matter how long you meditate. The more important thing is that fat you are present. And that you are consistent. After you relax, and enjoy it, you'll experience the benefits and want to do it daily. I never worry about my mind is " quiet enough, therefore it's relaxed and cooperative. No pressure to do it perfectly, just breathe and enjoy it. Experiment and find your favorite ways.
Leah S.
I'd like to meditate every day for sure, I think it would be a good plan to mediate 10-20 minutes ever day early in the morning.
Nermin F.
Everyday for 10 minutes indefinitely. It’s not something you want to stop doing because you never stop benefitting
Zachary X.
Personally for me I know when I miss out on more than a day of meditation my mind gets clouded more often, I feel less relaxed and can get anxious. Therefore I try to keep it up now everyday if I can however I think it depends on ones own individual experience and the results they get and if they skip a day or so how it makes them feel. I know that daily meditation brings the most benefit for me and a daily practice is said when one will achieve the most beneficial results and I agree. However if say I don't have the time to get in my more formal routine I remind myself that I can be mindful and breathe in any situation which makes it more relaxing of a notion to me and that much more beneficial.
Emma E.
I recommend that you start meditating in the daily basis for short periods of time. 5 minutes would be great at the beginning. Try to do it always at the same time, so that you can incorporate the routine. I meditate after the morning excercise, for example. Also try guided meditations, is better at the beginning. I recommend Insight timer app.
Charlie S.
I think there is no limit of meditating. Sometimes I like to meditate for maybe 10 minutes or other times could be 35. It depends on your mood and the environment you’re surrounded by. I know when I’m outside listening to the natural sounds I tend to want and stay in place longer. I think it’s okay to meditate how ever long or short you like to.