Which area of your body do you “feel your breathing” the most? Do you imagine being in another place during a session or do you mainly focus on your breathing patterns?

D Rcio P.
I focus on my breathing. Sometimes I choose a background sound, a fan, if I can my heart. In practice I try just to bring it back (my mind). I never imagine being some where else… Seems like a route to busy thought.

Hans Wilhelm X.
I feel it most in my nose and my belly. I am drifting everywhere but sometimes do have some long amount of time focused just on breathing.

Storm W.
I feel breathing in my heart. I am an anxious person that tends to host pressure in my chest when presented with hard situations. When I breathe I feel my heart and chest open and receive more air in return. I start by focusing on counting each breathe carefully and once it becomes rhythmic I let my thoughts wander. Usually to places that I’ve tucked away during the day when busy. Sometimes it’s to my happy place- somewhere I feel comfortable just enjoying my own growth and company.

Jonathan G.
Skin is one of the body part I feel breathing the most. Usually, during a session I imagine myself on another place where I want to be and then I focus on my breathing. It’s a great way to feel that place and to focus on your mind and breathing.

Nelson X.
I focus mainly on breathing into the chest and diaphragm. If I have soreness, I focus on it. Specifically on sending relaxation and healing to the soreness.

Isidor F.
These are great questions that make me think deeper. 1. Which area of
My body do I feel my breathing? My mouth. But that’s too easy. I’d like it to be the lowest part of my abdomen.
2. I am going to consciously imagine being somewhere else during a session more than imagining a targeted experience.

Dan Z.
I tend to focus on the breathing patterns and be more aware of the emotions I feel in my body .I also try to breathe out anything heavy in my body -like heavy feeling

Manon Y.
I focus on my breath at first. I can feel it relax whatever part of my body I’m focusing on. Then I scan. I let my breath just be.

Abr O A.
Depends on the purpose of the meditation. For grounding and focus I just feel my breath in my nostrils down into my belly via my lungs. For healing meditation I focus on my heart chakra and calling collective or individual people to mind

Jamie S.
I feel most breathing in my chest & stomach. I mainly focus on breathing although on occasion I do find my minds eye in a field with long grass & a warm breeze on a warm summers evening