Do you listenig musik during meditation?

Su F.
It depends on what type of meditation I am practicing. For guided meditation (like The Wall in this app) I feel like it's not needed. But if I meditate on my own, then I prefer to listen to some sounds of nature or something else soothing.
Malone T.
No I open my window and hear the natural sounds of outside. I try to do it in a quiet place with no distractions like people. Thanks for the question!
Kelsey N.
I don't because I find it too distracting. If you feel like you need sound you could always try a guided meditation, there are plenty on YouTube and music streaming services and apps like headspace are a great option as well. 🙂
Tara F.
No, but I usually do the meditation where I listen to my surroundings, and I prefer to have no music to focus on during that time.
Lu Ann X.
Yes, I need to listen to all
Kind of Dinero saws Chinese and Indian meditations I like to listen to while meditating or even guitar music it just helps is in full through my thoughts
Julian E.
No. I listen to a guided mindfulness meditation from the headspace app. You can also find them on YouTube and they probably have music for meditation on there too. Find something that you find easy to meditate with. Meditation is a skill though, so if you're new to it then it's a good idea to learn from a guide.