What are the benefits of meditation?

O Uzhan R.
Meditation is good and useful for me because it allows me to rediscover my inner core of balance every day. Once I'm in a more complete balance it is easier for me to deal with my life, my day, my wishes and dreams in a balanced way and helps me avoid failures… when things go sideways I have energy and will to correct, deal with, or accept reality. Meditation/ visualization/ planning helps me not go overboard or approach my day in an unbalanced manner which will always cause more work and wasted time. Meditation time gives me more time to do the things that bring me joy… right here and now.

Owen F.
The relaxation in the afternoon is like a restart of the morning focus. In the evening I have noticed that my breathing is better through the night. I actually relax my breathing passages.

Evelyn Y.
It improves my mental abilities to focus and calm down.

Adam T.
I'm sleeping better. Controlling my emotions. Learning coping skills.

Clarence T.
After meditating you're just all around calmer. If you're having a bad time just meditate and it'll make you feel better. I meditate in the morning and at night so when I wake up, after meditating I feel really calm and when I meditate at night it helps me to calm down and relax and just let go of all your stress from the day before you go to sleep. And these are the benefits of meditating.

Adelaide Q.
Meditating gives me time to think, relax, and clear my head. I can stop and take a breath and take stock of everything around me. it's too easy to get caught up in everything that needs to be done, and meditating helps me nip that in the bud and realign what I'm thinking and feeling.

Fredo T.
Meditation allows me to calm my mind. Gives me time to reflect on my day, where I'm going, adjust my perception, and makes my overall mood improve.

Alan F.
You can think clearly; increase awareness; get a hold of your thought process, emotions that dictate your actions and how you view things and people.

Klaas C.
Emotional stability. Taking care of my feelings, accepting them and letting them come and go. Awareness. Letting go of worries. Letting go of the past. It gives me the opportunity to listen to all my thoughts and sorting them out. Focus. And it's a nice daily ritual that gives me an immediate sense of calmness. I can remind myself that whatever way I'm feeling, it's okay. That every single feeling have a right to exist – even the "negative" ones. It takes away pressure.

Lorik G.
It makes me feel calmer and centered. I struggle with runaway thoughts a lot, and meditation helps me calm my mind. It helps me breathe.

Amalie C.
This is kinda specific but I know meditation (even though I'm really bad at it) has helped me based on how much I think about a particular situation. I had a best friend that really hurt me, that was over a year ago. I would think about it every day and every day it would draw the same emotional response for me as if it was happening right then and there. I still think about it sometimes but it's not filled with the same anger and sadness as it used to be. Meditation makes you focus on your body and mind in the state that it is in right at that moment. It helps develop mindfulness and 'living in the moment'. Its a muscle as much as any other. The more you use it the stronger it gets. Therefore it has allowed me to gradually let go of the past more and more each day which makes me happier in the PRESENT!

Samir Z.
Beijg able to call a peaceful state where ever I am.

Anthony G.
My mental illness has a component of disassociation and meditation helps me reconnect my mind and my body.

Randy G.
For a fairly minimal investment of effort, I feel a lot better. Less reactive, more able to cope with the weird nonsense of life.

Katherine Z.
It focuses your mind and helps you be aware of the present instead of the past or future. It trains the moment and to be kind toward yourself and others. It's good training to create good habits

O Uzhan N.
It helps me feel calm and centered, and accomplished. And it's a place to really be and be with myself. Also it just feels nice lol

Fadime F.
Meditation helps me to recentre and focus. It can be used for relaxation or to energise you. It clears my head when I have too much to do and helps me to get rid of the noise

Eus Bia Z.
The discipline you teach yourself from practicing it. It's amazing that meditation allows you to retrain and reorganize your mind.

Dariusz S.
Meditation allows the mind to rest. It helps one to focus on the present moment and creat a still atmosphere within themselves and the environment. It helps with anxiety and concentration outside of the meditative practice and cinfronted with the world and helps us to make more conscientious and less impulsive decisions that can better us as well as those around us. Meditation fosters harmony, peace, mindfulness and insight.

Ross P.
You get back to yourself. You can quiet your mind. You can learn self-discipline, doing something even if you don't feel like it or even if you don't feel like you're good at it. Just keep doing it and you will get better. Connect with God, the universe, nature.

Russell U.
Meditation allows your mind a chance to recharge. Allowing your mind to be clear for even a few minutes can make a big difference on a person's mental health.

Christopher S.
Starting the day off mindfully, helps to manage anxiety, can help with changing a negative mindset, provides motivation for the day.

Inga B.
It helps to block out distractions and relax. Enhances focus.

Zo F.
Increased patience and ability to focus longer. Faster healing. Body and mind awareness. Decreased stress and sympathetic nervous system firing, therefore, increasing the “rest and digest” parasympathetic nervous system.

Seleso Q.
When you're in a bad mindset, meditation is like pressing the reset button, it gives you a chance to start again well 🙂

L Zaro P.
Meditation is very helpful for cooling down your mind and makes you feel more relaxed and more energetic. Also helps you to think more clearly about yourself and your goals.

Thea Z.
Meditation offers peace of mind; sometimes. It's easier to reflect on things when the mind is clear right after the meditation

Thomas W.
Clarity, focus, calm, a feeling of control over one's life. Care and compassion. Spiritual connectivity.

Maelya E.
Meditation offers me a way to liberate hidden thoughts. Sometimes, there are insights lurking within my mind but I can’t get them out. Meditation allows these insights to come out.

Meditation also helps a distracted mind. When you have so many things to accomplish and yet too little energy, meditation help you learn to better focus your mind.

Amanda P.
Once you start, you're no longer caught up in the stream, rushed and jostled. You can slow down. Break patterns. Step out of time. Get a clearer perspective. Floating above it, not with it.

Naja Z.
The benefits are calmness, better focus, there are other reported benefits for mental health, reduced stress, heart health, boosts to the immune system etc.

دینا سهيلي راد N.
Relax and take some distance from my problems questions and things that are monopolizing my brain.