Do you consider things like restorative yoga, mindful walking and focussed listening (to music, for example) as part of your meditation practice?

D N.
Mindful waking, yes. As well as spending time outdoors and spending time with myself. I should also perhaps look at yoga as a meditation rather than a grueling exercise session.
Елена Соловьёва N.
I’m suppose that not, thank you for ideas! But You know what – I have another secret method for relaxation while meditation – every time before the meditation experience I Anoint my hands and feet with cosmetic oil – it’s fragrance calms me and helps to set on deep thinking Process.
Kelly P.
While I do think of these things as being meditative, I still do seated meditation every day. The more the merrier! But if you're starting a meditative practice from scratch, then by all means, just start with something! Any of those activities are good for you!
Abel T.
I’ve found that there are activities I can do before focused meditation that get me more present and peaceful which allows me to be more successful at meditating. Yoga is particularly powerful for this because the mind and body are linked, and calming the body calms the mind in a very complementary way. Music or walking could both certainly do this as well, but I think Yoga is one of the best given that doing the poses forces you to be present in order to balance, hold the pose. It’s possible to walk or listen to music while being distracted but Yoga is a forcing function. Restorative yoga slightly less so in this aspect though it’s great too.