When there is a particular feeling like an itch, I can’t help but pay attention to it all the time. How do you deal with the problem?

Danile E.
When there are such the feelings, just pay attention to them and just realize that they are happening to you. Then they will gradually fade and ultimately you can get back to the presence

Bernard S.
Meditate on that itch. Feel how it feels and feel how the urge feels. Is it strong and how strong? Once your attention on the itch is diminishes come back to the breath. It’s all about putting your attention where you want it. Just don’t put your attention on the mind.

Same F.
I have a hard time identifying my emotions and it seems I am terrible about taking are of myself…So, I ended up getting mental health assistance…meaning medical and therapeutic approaches…now I am getting to the point where I can use small amounts of time reading up on depression, anxiety, meditation, life values, skills, and am trying to cultivate a life purpose which will help focus my efforts in the future instead of me worrying about the future. In the meantime, I'm being informed alot about emotions and how they factor in..therfore, I may not be ready to id., get famailar and know what to do about my emotions just yet, but I'm hopeful about the start and not so afraid of what is going on inside of me that I don't understand…I simply remind myself that I WILL be checking back with that emotion when I know more and decide to treat everyone, including me, with extra patience until I can get back with it.