How to meditate when I am surrounding with a lot of younger siblings? P.S. I mean that I’m a teenager and needed help for self-discipline and independent ASAP.

Harvey T.
Well, I’m a nine and a half year old, and I have a little brother, and what I do is compromise. I say, I want 20 minutes of the day alone, but my bro can do something with me for 20 minutes. Would that work for you? I am younger, so it might not work.
Alma N.
Two ways of handling this. One, maybe find a place if possible where you won’t be disturbed. Maybe go for walk and try walking meditation, find a bench and do it, in your car if you have to. Lock a door and put on some noise canceling headphones like I do.
Another way is to look at meditation as not something that you can only do with no distractions but something you do to help with those distractions. You hear a loud, disturbing noise and instead of getting frustrated and distracted; simply acknowledge it, maybe even get lost in the fine details of it (the pitch, length, direction) and continue being present. There are many different types of meditating and one is simply just being, being aware and present taking everything around you with gentleness and acceptance; not trying to change it or wish for it to change. Try to be the calm in the eye of the storm!
Khadijah F.
You can do it outside your house,at your backyard,at the alter,rooftop,at the park or even at any bushes just to make sure you dont make any eye contact with,you can concentrate.Or else,just give them a smile. ☺
Roxane N.
I think going outside is really the greatest escape. After all, it is a time dedicated for yourself without having the unwanted distractions. However, I think breathing practices will do if there are no options left for you.