Do you guys meditate throughout the day as well as at night? Right now, I only meditate to help me fall asleep, but I think it would help me to meditate during the day, I just have to find time :)

Ulrico S.
I personally meditate 10' in the morning. Sometimes I also do breathing meditation when getting back from a stressful day at work. Also, last night I tried relaxing mediation at bed and the result was to fell asleep before ending the meditation.
Livio E.
Hi! Yes I meditate throughout the day but for different time intervals. Morning for me is the longest typically, 5-10 mins. During the day it could be 30 seconds or longer. To me a big part of meditation is the muscle your building for awareness of what your mind is doing. So even 30 seconds feels like meditation practice.
Alexa N.
Hey! I started to mediate both in the morning and at night for 5 mins each to develop a routine. I use this app in combination with Headspace for meditation. 5 mins has made it pretty easy and practical. I intend to increase meditation time gradually.
Virgil C.
I personally meditate twice a day. Meditation for me gives me clarity and energy so I do it first thing in the morning and again in the afternoon before my usual burn-out time to keep me going all day long.
Leo S.
I am meditating before I begin work in the morning for about 10 minutes. I also have begun the practice of "awakened doing" as described by Eckhart Tolle in his book A New Earth. This is a daily practice of being present and mindful throughout the day, specifically when engaged in tedious or boring activities such as washing the dishes or driving.
Hanna Z.
I also meditate in the morning I find it hard to find time during the day especially on weekdays to meditate. On the weekends or whenever I have time during the week I like to meditate 3 times a day
Afonso I.
I used to only meditate at night to help me fall asleep, but then I realized this wasn’t actually helping my anxiety it was just calming it so I could sleep. If I meditate in the morning I can reduce my stressload and have a better clearer day. I also meditate before I run a long distance. It’s hard to find time, but if you feel like you need it during the day you should do it. Listen to your body and your inner monologue. If you think you don’t have time replace that thought. Take five minutes to find some clarity and you will have more peace and be able to tackle more in the long run. That is my experience.
Lidwina B.
I only do it at night. But I do try to take at least a minute of my day to inhale and exhale. Life is one hectic journey. We need a moment of peace to just collect ourselves or be whole with our inner self. Even if it is just for a moment.
Isabella F.
So far I meditate in the evening. At some point I am planning to include this in the morning routine. During the day? Not sure if it is possible for me.
Ludmila O.
I sometimes like to take 10 minutes out of my afternoon, or out of my commute to/from work for a light meditation. 🙂 But mostly in the evening to wind down.
Angel J.
I meditate every morning to help with focus and clarity. Then I can set my plans for the day without any mental clutter.
Victor P.
I normally meditate in the morning before starting the day. It gives me a type of calm that allows me to be at my best throughout the entire day. If I have to wake up earlier I make sure I do so that I can meditate.
Bryan E.
I meditate twice a day. Once in the morning to get in the right frame of mind for the day, and once at night to calm and relax myself for a good sleep.
Lilica P.
I meditate in the morning even if I can only do 10 to 12 minutes. It is critical for me to not only meditate but to keep touch daily on Fabulous and make sure I see that meditation reminder and ACCOMPLISH my meditation before my day takes off. It keeps me centered and my day more productive.
Gregory Q.
I try to meditate early in the morning or in the afternoon if I can't make time to do it in the morning. I like to focus while meditating, so I find that meditating at night makes me too relaxed and my mind wonders quite a bit. Also you get the most out of your post meditation positivity if you do it during the day!
Wiebke Q.
Personally, I meditate whenever I feel like I'm not present in the moment. That's really when I feel anxious or triggered by people or situations and want to take my power or attention back to me and whatever [task] is in front of me. It's also great after doing something tedious to release any tension and reset your mind to go about the rest of your day freely and refreshed. Hope this helps!
Hans Hermann O.
I use the 10 % happier app and sometimes do a quick 5 min in the ladies at work, or a park bench at lunch time, or there are mindful walking meditations I do