Do you think you need to have a space and set time for meditation. Does it help?

Nino S.
That really depends on how you work best. If setting is very important to you, then definitely have a specific space. If not, you can meditate anywhere. As for time, I've found that I'm more likely to meditate if it becomes part of a routine, but my schedule shifts sometimes making a set time difficult. What's been most successful for me is saying "when I wake up" or "right before sleep" as opposed to "7am".
El A T.
Absolutely. Having specific time and space keeps my routine going but I will meditate whenever I find any time or in a stressful situation
Mandy X.
I use a long meditation following breakfast. Before lunch I benefit from another session. I usually meditate prior to dleep
Alexia S.
There is no need to have a space prepared for meditation however setting time for meditation really helps to practice it regularly.
Ismail O.
I think that having a regular time for meditation will allow you to do it more easily and automatically. Having a space is less important but if you do choose a special meditation spot and make a regular meditation time, as long as you show up, your practice will be consistent.
Carsten X.
Yes, I think setting up a small area dedicated to meditation is important because it makes it easier to clear your thoughts when you've set aside a places for mental pace. Likewise, practicing at the same time each day makes it easier to be consistent.
Debbie P.
It does help you remember and get ised to meditiation and geel more comfortable with it, so I would absolutlely recommend it, but don't worry if, for a day, you cant do it at your usual time, as it is more important to actually practice meditation than worry about time and space.
Armando U.
I have my space at home with my special meditation gear , and it is usually good to have a specified time for meditation. But sometimes , I do meditation every where like if the office is quiet. Or sometimes I do short meditations throughout the day
Roger U.
At first it did, but now I can meditate anywhere
Dora F.
I tend to even practice meditation or calming down in noisy areas. At times and places of noisy, difficult to concentrate, focus or think. By simply closing my eyes, getting into my calm world, very peaceful, soul lifting world. I wander around there, talk to myself, walk in the garden of my mind, think of my blessings and the good things, what I can do, my aims and goals, etc then come back to reality
Mathias E.
I think it definitely helps to be as consistent as possible when it comes to time/place for meditation, however, what’s most important is that it gets done. I have a corner of my room that I use to meditate and I try to keep it at the same time everyday but if life does it’s thing and my time goes a little off I still just use that space. Right after waking up and right before bed. Hope this helps!
Anny Y.
Meditation is a mind training, so it needs to have its condition like a physical training. Set at least two different time and a specific space for meditation but prevent of being conditioned. Spend at least 15 minutes.
Celina J.
If you can it is worthwhile. You don't have to spend a lot of time. Start with 10mins and work up from there as younger more practice.
Axelle F.
Yes, having a consistent ritual of time and space can help form new habits. I find that meditating at night prior to bed helps me sleep.
Constance U.
Ever since I created my meditation space I do feel motivated to use it. Also I can see it at all times so that’s an added impetus. For the first two years of the meditation journey I didn’t have a meditation space though. As for time, I always make sure that I do it in the morning, whether it’s even just for five minutes. The same for bedtime too. Practicing at a set time everyday also means I don’t get to pick the ‘mood’ I sit in. Which I find is helpful in increasing awareness of the many different moods themselves.
Jonathan C.
It is important to set time and prepare a special place where you can meditate, mine is setup at morning when i have silence and enough intention to complete the habit.
Tristan C.
Yes! Having a place and time nudges me into accountability. I treat it like a doctor appointment. I wouldn’t just no-show on an appointment with a doctor. Why do I think a no-show on me is okay? Using the Fabuloys app I get a streak going and I don’t want to lose that. Eventually I begin to see the fruits of my meditation, but I also see the fruits of keeping promises to myself. Discipline leads to peace!
Nikolaj P.
Yes, absolutely! A set place is essential because the space becomes charged with a meditative energy and even when you're away from that space you can bring your mind back to it any time you're feeling distressed throughout the day. A set time is ideal but only when practical ~ if you can meditate three times a day (morning, noon and night) you will notice the benefits sooner and also it gives you a chance to check in with where your mind is at during different stages of the day.