Hello. I have a question. How long must I meditate?

Miguel O.
I wouldn't look at meditation as something toy "must" do. It's important to have a positive relationship with meditation. So start small and play around with it. Experiment. It isn't about the total time but each passing moment. Even if you shoot for 5 minutes and lose it at 3, then that is okay. 🙂
S L Na Q.
Try starting with just a few minutes, perhaps with music or a guided mediation. Then build up to 10-15 mins then take it as far as you want! They key is consistency… and remember, the goal is not to never be distracted by your thoughts, but just to recognise when you are and refocus. Good luck!
Albert G.
Start with the intro to Mediation in this App, it's a good place to start. I often try and meditate for approximately 30min. Have a great day 🙏♥️
Lorival E.
You can meditate as long or as short as youd like. If you dont feel like meditating one day ..make it brief..its not something you HAVE to do for so long. Its important to make it a habit. Like for me..i meditate to help me sleep so sometimes ill listen to a longer guided meditation. So the length varies i.m.o.lol. you can do a short meditation that can be as effective as a longer one.
Muzaffer U.
Hi! This is under my own experience, and I started meditating for 5 minutes twice s day, one after wake up and one before sleep, and if you keep it as a habit you can feel big difference on your mind, body, feelings, and with time you can increase how much you want to meditate, at the beginning, it is recommendable to start with doing it for as long as you feel comfortable with to make it a habit and don't feel overwhelmed because of it. I normally use the Headspace app for it. 🙂