Is there a time limit to actually meditating

Bernt S.
I don't believe that there is, eventually you will be able to set the intent on the time you have or need for meditating but regardless of how ever long it takes it is all worth while
Ian P.
Personally, no. Meditating feels like it's an investment on your well-being where you can make yourself feel better by giving yourself the time to be with just yourself.
Al Pio C.
I set the alarm on my phone because I am not sure there is a limit on this app.
If the question is a more abstract one, good question. I do about ten minutes at a time. Some therapist recommend 20 minutes a day. Doing that for eight weeks is as good as an antidepressant, for some. So maybe I should do that…
Antoine C.
No, definitely not. It depends in the person and their practice. Just starting out I recommend short sessions or exercises. But as a person gets more experience and more comfortable meditating it is completely up to them how long they go. Even being experienced, I've found even just 3 minutes can be beneficial.