What type of meditation is the most effective for getting through grief and loss?

Adelina N.
Practicing mindfulness meditation for grief, or observing thoughts and feelings without judgment or reaction, helps the body and mind find peace and refuge in a time of great change. In addition, the practice of meditation and mindfulness can assist us in healing our grief, because it helps us live in the present moment… where our grief resides. It gives us better access to the "now," thereby helping us become more aware of our pain and sadness, and in turn begin to heal it.
Sofia Z.
I highly recommend loving-kindness meditation. If you are not very familiar with it, I recommend to try a guided loving-kindness meditation that focuses specially on grief. I have a very useful app in mind, they have a one year free trial, it’s called “balance”. If you go to their singles sessions you’ll find a grief category with that meditation technique
Wade Z.
Letting go meditation, try to let go of everything you feel negative about that loss. Because in the long term you learn more from your loss then your wins.so just let go.
Attila F.
Practicing mindfulness meditation for grief, or obaerving thoughts and feeling without judgment or reaction, helps the body and mind find peace and refuge in a time of great change.
Ju Q.
Guided meditation for healing, overcoming grief. Meditation that says it's a passing moment and everything will be okay. Meditation mountain on Spotify has some good guided meditations. Praying, spiritually inclined meditations also help. Plum village meditations are not religious but they can help.
Cilli F.
Breathing and closing your eyes in a dim light place i think because it helps you relax and breathe through all that you are going through
Helmtrud Y.
I honestly don't know how to explain it for someone who's going through grief and loss. I think you have to first go through the 5 stages of grief and after that you can add some breathing meditation to it. But you should know that grief and loss are matters of the heart therefore it has to be handled with care and love.
S L Ne Z.
I find mindfulness meditation helpful to be most effective. The times you can be present with just your thoughts. To come to grips and accept what is done is done, and no amount of external effort will ever change the outcome. 🙂
Rhea T.
Breathing practice is good for grief and loss as it can help you feel calm and composed . During such times it’s also necessary for you to do basic stretching and feel the life in your body when the muscles pull . It will definitely make you feel better
Mariam N.
Actually i'm no expert in that kind of things but my suggestion is that you try to relax and get to go in the deepest places in your mind and just try relaxing putting all you are and all you have in concentrating on being in peace or smthn like that , thank you for asking me and i wish you a happy life and good morning/ evening
Stranger <3
Dimas Q.
Sometimes. I can use a reminder every now and then. Not everyone’s small tasks are the same. I may need to pay attention to what is getting written and what is taken for granted. Everything requires time. Right ?
Katherine Z.
I'm sorry for your lost, try to connect with your mind or relax your body. It's hard to deal with the tension around you after everything that happened, so take some time to relax and reconnect with yourself. Everything will be alright
Troy N.
Oh, what a question I’m not sure any one meditation works for grief. I lost my son 10 years ago this last March. He was 19 years old. So hard I called the grief the pit and it took me a long time to climb out of it. What did help was staying in the moment, keeping your mind clear of all the noise and listening for your loved one. They are there weather you can hear them or feel their presence around you. Knowing that my baby was around and feeling his energy in still moments helped me climb out of the pit. Just be still your loved ones energy is around.
Basma R.
A kind of meditation that helps me focus on archiving my goals as well as sharpens my abilities and thinking to get me ready to absorb more of life
Jacob C.
Stay calm in a comfortable position, and start thinking about what you have lost under the effect of the relaxing sounds you choose. To get over loss you have to face it, and face everything you have been hiding from, even if it doesn't have anything to do with what you have lost. Discuss your life as if it's someone else's, and take serious and crazy decisions in a moment of sadness. Get rid of something , act careless, don't force yourself into happiness, don't act happy or as if doesn't matter because if you hadn't expressed your grief now, it'll show later in the guilt Figure. Also while thinking, measure the importance of the thing you're sad about, you either let it go, or make it a part of yourself. Use every single minute of your meditation time to thinkabout something, don't waste your time on meditation if you're not ready to face yourself yet.
Diovalda Z.
Definitely to spend some time with friends. They always get my mind off things and if at least just for a moment, I think about something else. Or just discussing my problems with them reliaves a lots of stuff I carry inside.
Sibel J.
I’m sorry I can’t actually answer this question because I’m not feeling the same way as you but I can tell you just to think about the good and the things you have achieved in life while you mediate. I’m so sorry for if you have lost someone you loved or what you are dealing with and I hope this helps.