How and where do you learn to meditate? Do you use any other apps? What are some tips you would’ve liked to know when you started?

Eug Nio N.
Ilearnt how to initially meditate through a simple video that focused on meditation through breathing focus. I dont use any other apps. The best kind of way to meditate is cross legged, in the morning sun, this meditation is the best I have experienced personally and wish I had started earlier. Its also a good tip to make yourself completely relaxed, if you cant do that, you cant deeply meditate
Melanie T.
Usually outside in nature to get the full effect of being aware and listening to different sounds. I like the app Headspace
Francis P.
I began meditation in Hong Kong when I lived there. Later, I learned mindfulness meditation at a class in Chicago. I also read books about mindfulness meditation.

The app Calm focuses on mindfulness meditation with guided meditation daily and also topical meditation series like 7 Days of Calming Anxiety. I have found it amazingly helpful.

There are also Master Classes on things like Gratitude, Mindful Eating, the 4 Pillars of Health, and Sleep Stories (with Matthew McConaughey and John McEnroe reading) that do a great job of helping me fall asleep.

There's also Guided Imagery by Belle Ruth Naperstak.

I make sure to do the Daily Calm every day in the morning and when possible a different meditation as desired later in the day.
Keeps me grounded, calm, less anxiety and stress. Helps me not worry about petty things or get anxious because it also teaches compassion and loving kindness for yourself and eventually to others.

Just do the few minutes on Calm each day and don't judge yourself. The point is to observe without judgment. At times, you may even get into the state of utter peace with yourself and the world.

Gl Dis F.
I meditate sitting on the side of my bed, feet flat on the floor, hands on my thighs. I like the Breathe meditation in the Fabulous App fir nighttime relaxation. But I like the Calm app even better for falling asleep at night, and for my morning meditations.
Sergio F.
I started meditating using apps. I especially like Breethe, but there are many great YouTube channels for meditation you can access for free. The meditations on Fabulous are good and easy options if you’re feeling stuck. Start small and don’t be hard on yourself if it takes a while to adjust, it’s worth sticking with it. Its easier to develop a routine if you pick a regular time when you won’t be interrupted, create a special space that’s peaceful, ensure you’ll be warm, light a candle if you like, go to the toilet beforehand! Or find a place in nature that’s calm and you can feel safe sitting alone with your eyes closed. If you have an Apple Watch, the Breathe function is a really simple way to learn how to focus on your breathing, which is essential for meditation. Any amount of time, even just a few minutes, is enough to calm and centre your mind. Good luck!
Mar Lio W.
I started with Vipassana meditation, I completed 10 day Vipassana course. There is also an app for this meditation which I used to use some time ago. And I tried some guided meditation from Fabulous app. I learned to meditate from Youtube too. I think the best advice I would like to know about meditation is that you must not rush and there is a lot of different techniques and you should not mix it, and to learn from good teacher who will teach you how to properly meditate. That you practice only one technique, because if you mix different techniques, you can do damage to yourself too and you can become only confused about it.
Kaitlin O.
Over many years in various places. I have stopped and started and now making it s discipline. Apps are Omcana, YouTube and here. Set times you will commit to as best practice and don’t give up.
Clara Z.
Honestly I watch a lot of shows that have meditation on them so I know just a little bit about meditation already. My favorite type is sitting peacefully relaxed counting my own breath until I am done. It helps to center me, calm me, and relax in general. There isnt much more to know about meditation because it is what helps you relax and calm. Anyway good luck to ya
Clyde J.
I learned to meditate a long time ago. To just sit and reflect on what is going on around me. To be aware of my surroundings.
There is not much to starting but it is difficult if you are not used to sitting still and just allowing yourself to be. Not doing anything just existing.
Veronica E.
I use an app called BREETHE. Another free one is HEADSPACE.
I like the life situation meditations. But it’s still important to do a class on a theme. It gives your mind the bigger picture. 😃
Naja W.
I started meditating after reading the book 10% happier. I was using a couple apps to help me through guided meditation. I like the ones that you have on guided meditation. I used Calm and YouTube, which was nice but I really only wanted it for the meditation. Then I came across fabulous and it seems like you have everything in one app, self improvement and meditation. I find the hardest part in meditating is to calm my thoughts so guided meditation is a great way for me to bring myself back to my breath, or whatever I'm trying to meditate on. I really like the calming soothing voice of guided meditation to help me focus on one thing or another during meditation it helps me re-center my thoughts.
Aur Lien Z.
I think that the most important thing about meditation is to keep it simple. Just sitting down comfortably while trying to pay a soft attention to the breath is more than enough as a start. Then again, one can use apps such as Headspace, Simple Habbit, Breathe, for more complex guided meditations.
Leah J.
Headspace app – the only one that has worked for me because ADD and meditation are a thing and I had to start very very small to make it an enjoyable thing as opposed to self imposed torture.