What’s your favorite time to meditate and why?

Alli Y.
I feel like it depends more on what type of meditation your doing, if its for motivation or confidence, do it when you wake up in the morning, but if its for regret or relaxation, do it when you go to bed
Lucas Z.
My favorite time for meditation is around 9:00 – 11:00 pm. Around that time is nearly my bedtime, so I’ll meditate at that time. Sometimes I didn’t do it everyday because I’m too tired. However, I promise myself. I will try to meditate everyday ! Thanks Fabulous a lot !
Scarlett Z.
I prefer to meditate either early in the morning or an hour or 2 before i go to sleep as in the morning meditation helps to keep myself calm throughout the day and in the evening meditation helps to relax me ready for bed.
Leannie N.
I like to do my meditation first up in the morning after before I leave my bedroom. This clears my head for the day ahead. I have 4 children and the youngest being two 9yr old boys. I have a busy house and I always have a lot to do. So I take the time to do my ‘ME’ time first up so then I have the rest of the day to deal with everything/everyone else.
Josh X.
I mostly meditate in the morning so I'm not sure how much I'd enjoy trying it out at other times of the day. I would think that the more different times of day you can meditate regularly the better. In order to really get the benefits in your life. I could imagine that meditating only at one specific time might make it more of a chore to finish then a practice of being present. The point of which being to feel that more deeply throughout your day then at one specific time after you brush your teeth.
Matt I.
Morning, half an hour before I go to work, feel relaxed and ready for the day when I get to work. Sometimes half way through the day at work as a little break to get back to focusing. Before bed to wind down and help clear my mind before I go to sleep.