I am living with my boyfriend and I know he finds meditation a bit awkward and creepy. He accepts that I do it and it helps me, but I don’t feel focused doing it in his presence. Therefore it often slips from my schedule as ‘the moment isn’t right’. How do I catch that moment and gain that focus?

Chakri N.
This is what I do to keep myself focused.Everything when you don’t feel like doing meditation you can try this.
Try to sit at a comfortable place, close your eyes listen to calm music with earphones to avoid distraction. Take few deep breaths. This must be your cue for meditation . When you do this you automatically go with the flow. Don’t stress about the perfection. Just focus on your breathing.
Ebi S.
Hey gorgeous, right now it’s uncomfortable for him because it’s making him subconsciously reflect upon himself rn, he’s using the words “creepy” when he really means “ this is new, I’m not familiar with it” don’t worry about him he’ll come around eventually as for you, try and find a safe space to practice, remember you’re doing this for yourself whether of not ur bf approves. If his presence continues to hinder your progress into mindfulness it might be time to really have a talk about why it bothers him and how he’s impacting ur journey with yourself. Hey! Maybe he’ll start doing it with u 🙂
T Rkan F.
Get up earlier than him if possible and find a comfortable spot to meditate first thing in the morning before he is even out of bed.
Tania A.
You should make this "moment" yours. Set a time everyday for yourself – a alone time that you can enjoy for meditation. Your boyfriend understands that it helps you so he shouldn't mind if you just slip away for like 15 minutes everyday for meditating 🙂 Good luck!
Jannette N.
I would say to keep doing it. Make yourself do it because he will begin to get used to it and you'll begin to get used to the process as well. You struggle to focus because you think about what he is thinking or feeling when you need to focus on how you are feeling and what you need. You may wish that he begins doing it with you or something but honestly you'll notice that if you stop it will be detrimental to your mental health thus affecting your relationship later. You may also need to find a seperate space to do it.
Grace W.
If there is another room or place in your house where you can meditate alone, without the presence of your boyfriend disrupting you, I think that would help you to get into the zone and focus much more quickly and easily. Even though I live with my parents I much prefer to do things like meditation and yoga alone or in a room where they can’t just suddenly walk in and kinda disrupt the flow if that makes sense? I think being able to have privacy or your own personal space even though you’re living together is still quite important in a relationship.
Martin Z.
I have had that “weird” feeling practicing meditation while my girlfriend was in the room too. But gradually i got used to it and it became very good source of practice. I simply sat on the zafu and i was watching my mind, while there was feelings of awkardness and distraction. Over the course of time (few weeks) these feelings were gone and i could focus even in her presence. Anything can be made as your meditation practice object, even if it is lack of focus while practicing 🙂 Hope this helps.
Hannah F.
Hi! I would suggest MAKING that moment for yourself when he isn’t present. Meditation can be done anytime, anywhere. Maybe try meditating while you enjoy a bath, or fit in 10 minutes after you shower. If you have an outdoor space you could use, that could be helpful as well and offer a few minutes of privacy each day. Take a few minutes to yourself, grab your headphones, and make it your own time. It may seem creepy or weird to him now, but the more he understands it- the more he can relax as well. Maybe have him watch a video explaining the benefits and with a little more understanding, maybe he can give it a try. Even if he doesn’t, the more he knows, the more comfortable he will feel with it. This is you time. It helps you to be a happier, calmer and healthier person and thus a “better” girlfriend. Good luck on your journey!
Renata I.
If he is on a scheduled routine (i.e. morning walk, shower, gym, shaving, etc) you can coordinate your meditation during one of the tasks he does that takes at 5-10min. Routines help everyone! So whether or not he chooses to follow the same routine, he could help you out by choosing an activity to do at a consistent time each day during which you can do your meditation. This way he's helping you be consistent, but doesn't have to be proxy to the "awkward/creepy" encounter. Better yet, he can make you an omelette while you meditate, even more helpful 😉