When is the best time for reflective meditation

Alma C.
After a long day. You think back to who you saw and how you interacted with them and everyone else, what thoughts rolled by as you were so caught up in the day. Think back to why you reacted the way you did in the moment, if you had thought it through would you of reacted differently? End of the day thoughts race as you try and sleep, get ahead of it
Aid P.
I always think, just before bed, as you have more to reflect on. Your brain has already processed everything in the morning.
B G.
I like to meditate before my work out in the morning. I feel like it helps me get through my workouts too. I’ve tried during the day but there is so much interruptions and at night too but it just depends when is the best time for you when do you have the least distractions ?
Ilyanette O.
I truly believe the best time is when you have the least amount of distractions either intentional or out of your control. More times than not, we create our own distractions without even realizing it. For example, I had a really bad habit of scrolling through my socials for hours on end, complaining about how much work I have to catch up on but I am literally creating the problem or making it worse because I am not setting my day up for success with intentional routines to make sure I am showing up to my work as my full self.
Chiara Z.
At night, peaceful and relaxing. This is the right time for reflective mediation and you will also focus without distraction
Jacob T.
When is the best time for reflective meditation? Well everyone is different! So some people have busy schedules than other people. In my opinion though, I think the best time (s) are when you wake up and before you go to bed!
Lorenzo Z.
At the end of the day when you're relaxing after a long day of work or school or whatever you did. Right before you're about to go to sleep.
Philomena F.
I’d say since the mind is peaceful and fresh in the morning, it is frequently thought to be the greatest time to meditate. Most of us are also less likely to fall asleep early in the morning. Morning meditation is appreciated by people who practice it every day because it sets a calm and constructive tone before the day's activities and distractions begin.
Claudete N.
i like to do it at the start or end of the day. when you do it in the morning you can be given time to reflect on the goals you want to achieve and help set the mood for the day. it’s also nice to do it at night because you can reflect on the things that happen and how they made you feel. you can also think of what you would do differently. both are great.
Valent N.
in the middle of the day. i’m a senior in highschool and preparing for college, so every second matters. when i have some free time, it’s better used for resting but sometimes technologies get in the way. 10 minutes become 2 hours. and then i realize oh shoot i just wasted my time. but that’s not the hardest part, returning to the present moment is the biggest challenge here. negative voices, they’re just shouting inside of my head. reminding me of “the old pattern”. then there comes the self hate, talking down to myself, not trusting my own ability, questioning my worth. little did i know this is what had stopped me from- pretty much living a life, in the past. now i practice meditation almost every day. i started the journey by doing a 3 minute meditation, now i can do 10 minutes (yay me!). but i usually start my day with a 7 minute meditation, just to keep things light. my morning meditation is for me to set an intention for the day. my midday meditation is to remind of that intention. being aware of my breathing and just focus on that one simple thing helps me become more relaxed and balanced. balance helps me achieve great things!
Samantha F.
When you have free time is my answer or if your whole life is free time then maybe before bedtime is the best time for me but really it matters when you have a reflective meditation moment really.
Glenda Y.
The best time is when you have nothing on your mind and\or your frustrated. I do it when I have nothing on my mind. It helps me reflect on my day and makes me refreshed.
Isabelle X.
I feel like it depends on you but I usually meditate in the morning so I can prepare myself for the the day but meditating in the evening is great too because your getting your mind ready for the next day!
Dionysis O.
I really don’t know. But probably there is no best time because every moment is the best time. It’s on you! If your day is full, you can meditate in the metro, on the bus or everywhere else. 2 minutes of meditation is better than nothing! I wish you the best! Don’t stop changing yourself
Arabella N.
Imo the best time for reflective meditation is in the evening before bed. This way you can stretch your muscles to prepare them for rest and you can also
Naava E.
The best time would be in the morning. You have freshened up and your mind is clear. You can set goals for the rest of the day and think about what you would like to accomplish.
Sandra A.
Any time. When you are stressed or sad or have anxiety. It can help you. I like to do it on the mornings and nights it's nice to wake up after falling asleep to a meditation.
Polish J.
I prefer to meditate at night before i sleep. It helps me wind down and relax my body completely from the inside and out. It is also very calming and dark at night. This makes it easier to shut my eyes and sink into a deep brain space for thinking.
Randy T.
I'd say at the end of your day would be best because you can reflect on everything that happened during your day and how you feel about it.
Malu Q.
The best Time is everytime! When you feel stressed, sad, nervous and a lot of more like happy, gratefull or even just while not feeling anything. Also The best Time is after you Wake up and just before going to sleep.
Melissa E.
During morning or evening i feel meditating frees your mind from all the stress and congestive thoughts. You will feel relaxed and refreshed and can focus on your work the whole day.
Greg T.
Probably in the evening or before sleeping. It’s totally good for me. Especially after evening shower, when your mind is clearer, you can really relax and after that have a good sleep.
Stephanie H.
Honestly anytime! Do what feels best for you, whether it may be in the morning or in the afternoon or even in the evening. Morning meditations for clarity and positivity, afternoon mediations for motivation, and possibly evening meditations for cleanse and sleeping! Follow what your gut wants to do, and never force yourself in a meditation.
Alise F.
I think the best time to meditate is when you are yourself. I do my morningrutine and with that morning rutine i have the motivation to do more. So i meditate and then get to work/ school. This connects my mind, my body and my mindset. And im redy to start my day.