How do you guys meditate without a guided meditation. I really struggle but would like to be able to. So if you could help that would be great xoxo

Bruce O.
I found it hard too in the beginning. But as time passed I learnt to just focus on my breathing and focus on my goals. It may seem difficult to focus, but put on some calming music if that helps, and just focus on what you want to achieve. Sit in a quiet place, and try to block out anything else around you. Just focus on your breathing and your goals:) Hope this helped:) Good luck!
Jane Q.
I find a comfortable position where I feel safe and comfortable. Then I start focusing on my breath. Either counting any way I feel like. (One, two, one, two, or any other way I feel like) or I try to explore my breath. When I breath in, I follow into the lungs, and when I breath out, I go out with it.
Oceano A.
I don't have a favorite one but I like books that depends on real life stories or have a very good message at the end of them
Jamie Z.
I like to listen to a hertz frequency playlist or song. Like hertz 432 and that really helps me. I also like to make sure I create a space where I can’t be distracted by anything and I just let my mind go and my body follows.
Nina F.
I'm new to meditation too. I think the beauty of it in learning and accepting it as it is, even if your session has been disappointing. Just accept it, next time you'll do it a tiny bit better. I think meditation is not about achieving something, rather it's about observing things as they are and letting them pass through you without harming you
Duane Z.
Meditation can be in all forms, sometimes as simple as taking deep breaths for a few minutes would equally make you feel okay, I guess without guided meditation, you can start small – like for example daily a minute or two just deep breaths, followed by listening to the sounds around you, and gradually increase your time
Dorian F.
you should put the focus on your breathing. 4 mp inhale, hold a little bit and 8 mp exhale. this will make your heartbeat slower and you will feel calm so much. and when you breath just think things like that: i inhale calmness and exhale anger. it will really working, trust me. 🙂