Yes. I am a novice at “Meditation” and would be interested in hearing how others began their practice (how long, routine, resources, etc. ).

Ella F.
I tend to use headspace. It’s just my personal preference since it is free for a year or two if you are a university student. I prefer to do a 20 min session but feel free to do a smaller session in headspace you can usually choose between 10,15, and 20 min sessions. I try to meditate everyday right before bed (after reading). I will get comfortable and turn off the lights so that I am in complete darkness, then I will launch headspace. A book you might want to check out on meditation is called “Wherever you go there you are” by Jon Kabat-zinn. He likes to focus of on meditation for everyone and not just as a kind of spiritualism. Hopefully this helps you get started!
Mari O.
When I started I used to do 10 minutes guided meditation on you tube with earplugs in my kids were a bit older so I would tell them to try and leave me for 10 mins and gradually built up, or sometimes I'd do 2 or 3 throughout the day. Focusing on your breathing helps if your mind wanders. I'd also use incense or a nice smelling candle in the beginning. Some guided meditations tell you to sit down straight or maybe legs crossed that's the only part I've never followed I usually lie down I dont think it makes a difference really just whatever feels most comfortable to each individual. You can find a guided meditation for almost anything from positive energy to self love or confidence, letting something go, connect with your higher self,cleanse your chakras just about anything you want to change.
Nacheli T.
No but if fabulous would love to give me more tips about meditation so I can learn how to relax please im diagnosed with … manic depression manic bipolar,PTSD, anxiety and also get nurveness , paranoia and I'm ADHD and OCD..
Antonio J.
I flw the video in youtube for beginners. Its actually very easy to meditate. You just need patience. Thats all. You can definitely do it!