Is there a particular pattern for meditation?

Cati Cia E.
Meditation is just about noticing your inner world—the way you tense your back, or slow your breathing when a string of thoughts circles your mind, or tighten your stomach when you feel apprehension related to those thoughts and what they’re about. There’s a pattern in that when you follow thoughts, your body responds. When you release thoughts, your body relaxes and inner doors slowly open. Doors to heightened creativity, lightning bolt insight, doors through which bliss and joy and excitement can flood through. So release your thoughts. Allow gentle breathing to resume. And then wait patiently, allowing thoughts and tensions to melt away. Wait for magic. It can take time if you’re used to keeping magic at bay. But wait… and it’ll come. It always does. Eventually.
Marleen U.
I think there is no pattern for meditation. A person might create a pattern for themselves but there is definitely many patterns you can use to meditate.
Isaac P.
Being consistent and not allowing small issues to delay your practice. It's easy to skip through and play catch up but I try to treat each practice like its my first. So I have no expectations but the commitment is there since I don't want to be late for my 1st lesson.
Gabriele Y.
Well not sure how to answer your question I try to meditate when ever I get a chance if I try to plan it out something always comes up and distractsme
Lola Z.
I think there is a loose framework at the beginning. It’s an important framework because it can be hard to learn to guide your own mind. If you’re like me, the mind is pulling in several different directions at once. It does NOT want to just be. As time goes on, a natural pattern emerges that is pretty specific to your own growth.

So , the answer to your question is yes, there is a pattern to meditation that evolves as you learn to relax.

Signe Z.
Meditation for me changes on a daily basis. It depends on what happened that day and what I need to clear from my headspace in order to focus on my practice. Sometimes it’s hard to focus and fall into my practice – I feel restless or overwhelmed, and my mind will wander and have to be constantly brought back into my practice – whereas other times, it seems to come easily, and I’ll slip effortlessly into a deeply profound and focused state. I’m able to think and process clearly and I finish my practice feeling peaceful and fulfilled. Sometimes I have better luck laying down on my back versus sitting cross-legged with my hands on my knees. I try to make the space comfortable and welcome and embrace the good and the bad so that I know in my heart that this isn’t a time for judgement (even from myself.) It’s a time for reflection, processing, healing and offering myself gratitude for everything I put forth in the world. Some people like to follow patterns and it helps them. I try to just lean into where I’m at on that particular day.
Gileade C.
I don’t think so. I think you do it when you need to in the form that you find works best at the time. There can be a ‘practice’ which may become ritualised, though
Alan P.
Well – the Silence and the focus on the breathing is key. Calm the mind and the body. And the taking care of me myself and I. I am important – I am responsible for my own happiness. And this meditation is crucial for feeling more of life’s happiness in me…..
Logan Y.
There are ways to be more effective
There are also many styles of meditation
The basic is to achieve mindfulness of the present
Aneita T.
I think there isn't. Meditation for me is connecting with the flow of life. Breath. Breathing is continuous, therefore you are connecting with the flow of something continuous. There's no pattern to it. Just being present.
Annette C.
Not really.I just follow the rule of knowing my inner and outer movements; body sensations or even knowing my breath. Any contact that happens to my senses…just know.