How do you get over depression morning wake-up mind?

Alison E.
For staters I really try very hard to be laying down in my bed at least 7 hours before my alarm, which I have set to 5am. Also I use the smart alarm of my phone of the Clock app on the section of Bedtime, which will analyze my sleep pattern while I sleep to ring around 5am but at the moment my REM cycle is over, so waking up happens with much more ease. But most important, I really actually give it a thought of how much this routines are improving my life for the best and how important is to not break them, so before I go to bed, I promise my self to not even use the snooze button, and even slap my face, if I notice my mind is arguing into getting me back to the pillow, I’ve even thrown my pillow to floor far from me, turn off the fan, and if I still feel too down to go on with my routine, I’ll force myself to stand up suddenly from my bed, go out of my room and forbid myself from going back until I’m done with my morning workout, that will for sure cheer me up and give me the will power to go back on with the rest of my day.

Kathy E.
Wow I don’t even know what that is. I do know that I wake up and typically ask myself what’s wrong with me? And then today answering that question fully helped me laugh about it. laugh! That’s the answer.

Augustin E.
Sounds like you need to take a deep breath and slow down when you wake up. Try doing your favorite breathing exorcise in a comfortable position. Next I would sit up and sip on some water to get the blood flowing and energy moving. After, if you find you still have a lot of thoughts on your mind, do a brain dump into an old notebook. I like to give myself the context of writing thoughts freely, not ever going back to read what I wrote and never stopping the flow of pencil to paper. This is a great way to let go of thoughts that weigh you down. This is what I do anyway. Hope that helps!!

R Mulo Q.
I just don't hurry and enjoy every move and sensation, then fill myself with the gratitude for the new day and think about great things, that I can do today.

Giovanna X.
I leave my window curtains open so that when I open my eyes I see the PDF sunrise since I’ve done this I’ve never set my alarm clock ever and I wake up fresh and thankful for a new day head of me

Ida E.
Morning pages are my magic cure. I write longhand three pages of whatever comes to mind. No judgement – ‘I’m tired I want to go back to bed this is stupid’ etc. – by the time I’m finished I’m in a much better place. I usually end with affirmations about myself and my place in the universe. ‘I belong here. I am allowed to take up space. I am meant to create something good.’ etc. It always helps!

Nanna A.
Play a positive song that gets u smiling as soon as u wake up and carry it out replaying that song when you need to. Kingdom muzic is what I be bumpin keeps me focused on what's truly imporntant.

Clifford Y.
Hey there! Waking up early at 5:30 and sleeping before 11 and do some light workouts as soon as you wake up will always have you energized and ready for the day! Good luck!😘

Bobbie Z.
Sometimes it's really hard. I understand what it's like to feel like nothing. But sometimes you just gotta get moving, and break thru that wall.

Marc E.
You mean the thought you have when you wake and you realize how wrong everything has gone? Knowing that if I give in and let myself and everyone down, it’s not the way to be easy on myself. The best thing to do is just to throw yourself into your day. Cry, laugh, feel, love, make mistakes and be kind to yourself in the right ways. Taking the short term easy way is harder in the long run.

Jessica P.
I wish i knew a perfect answer, but I don’t know yet.

But when it recently happened, I found my morning routine to be an anchor. Furthermore, I meditated on being brave. I also took a hard look at my to do list: while you should get things done, you should not hate the majority of it. On days I feel down, I put activities that lift my mood on my to do list, recognizing that this in itself is a good goal.

Sophie E.
I’m not sure I understand the question. I am usually happy not depressed in the mornings. I am though confused and sleepy. While in bed I try to remember the most important things on my todo list. Then I wake up, drink water and stretch. I focus them on the affirmation to do better Today than Yesterday. This gives me energy and purpose.

Alo S S.
The daily ritual I've made here has helped me tremendously with my morning depression and despair. It helps me stay in the moment of what I'm doing instead of allowing my mind to run. After completing hygiene and meditating, I feel wonderful.

Elio Z.
To recognize negative thought patterns and learn positive behaviors, group or family therapy can help to strengthen relationships, regular exercise specially outdoors, some people benefit from acupuncture, meditation and yoga.
Improving sleep hygiene – better quality sleep by darkening the bedroom, keeping the temperature cool and eliminating distractions from screens, such as those on cell phones, computers and tvs.
Preparing for the next morning at night – setting out clothes and items for work or school and putting together lunches in advance can make mornings easier if a person has a little motivation or energy when they wake up.
Getting enough rest – going to sleep and waking up at the same time.
Allowing for extra time in the morning – waking up earlier or adjusting a work schedule to start later, if possible, can relieve pressure and stress in the morning.
Using light cues – light can communicate to the body that it is morning and time to wake up. Opening the curtains right away or timing an overhead light to turn on at the same time every day can help the body to wake up.

Hans Rainer T.
It is helping me a lot the water drinking ritual and the meditation. Breakfast also is really helpful before I was not doing any of this things!

Kaitlin O.
Being silently present helps me fight depression in the morning. I focus on my breathing and start my morning rituals with Fabulous!