Whats your favorite place to do the meditation

David A.
I like to it outside or in a special place I have prepared for myself in my room. Kind of like a sanctuary for self care 💗☺️
Erdal F.
I like to go in a personal leisure area like my room or the “kid-cave” that me and my brother have in the basement. If it is not possible for me to get to those spaces in my house, I like somewhere private, even if it is a toilet stall in the public ladies room. Most often though when I am out and unable to go to my favorite places I enjoy sitting in the back of my car with the back passenger seats down.
Francisco J.
I make sure I don’t have any background noise, so I can clear my head. When I’m ready I write whatever is on my heart and I don’t stop until everything has been unleashed onto my phone, paper, ect.