Are you defined by what you do?

Rosalyn W.
Definitely, I don't believe we're even defined by what we desire, but what we choose to do instead. You see, in this life, people talk about the illusion of "choice" how it's all set in stones, they confuse the predetermination of God's will that a specific situation will happen in a specific time, with the mistaken belief that you have no control over your actions. Ironically the only thing we truly ever own in this life is our actions, we don't own anything else, what we have, what we look like, how long we live, we only ever own ONE thing in life, and that is what we choose to do in the "specific" situation mentioned earlier. And THAT right there is what defines who we are, and where we truly deserve to be at the end. Hell, we don't even own our very own bodies, it's just a vessel that we temporarily use until our due date. So YES! We are most certainly defined by one thing and one thing only, what we do is who we are.

Marianne N.
Yes and no. I believe that by making the right choices, I can improve my life and assist others. This includes health and personal choices, etc. However, we all make choices of commission and omission due to simply being human. I think that the weight of who we are should depend on our positive actions, contributions and choices

Morris C.
Yes and no. Actions can (mostly) be controlled and so are a part of us, but we make mistakes and I do not believe we should define ourselves by our mistakes.

Frederik G.
It's our actions that are most easily recognized by others. We can hold beliefs that are good, but if we do not act on them, then what value do they really have? However, actions alone are not enough. If we do good things but do not have peace within ourselves then we will lack satisfaction in life. A balance must be maintained between our internal self and our actions.

Avery C.
I would like to define by my personal habits. Cemal is hardworking guy who gets up very early and storms to projects. Also he is very calm he is meditating everyday. He is very helpful because he manages his time and has time for others

Amanda W.
The correct answer is no but if I'm honest, yes. I wonder how one gets to a place where it's who you are and not what you do that matters. I can explain that to myself but to believe it deep down isn't as easy. I always feel like I need to do more, be more, to be something worthy.

Tai Ara N.
Pema says that only to the degree to whixh we expose ourselves over and over again to annihilation can that which is indestructable in us be found. I will keep building and destroying infinite lives, all of which will be precious and perfect and heaetbreaking and torturous in their own ways. What defines us is only our self awareness about the process we experience and our ability to sit with the present moment.

Aubrey T.
I'm not my work or my position. But I do believe the day to day actions reflect and cement a version of me. So in a way I'm not define but what I did or do out of my control. I'm defined by my choices of actions.

Roy F.
No I am not. I am not defined by what I do or my thoughts.

Joshua E.
I think that people generally have no other gage on who you are other than your actions, what they see, how they feel around you. So if you mean defined by others I would say yes. However, internally I think it’s another story due to life’s limitations at points you may not be able to display your greatness. It may appear that you are a sick old person, but have the will of a lion.

Norah Y.
No. I am defined by what I achieve. I push myself to be a better person, work harder and reinforce habits. But these things take time and every day I don't succeed and every day I make mistakes. If I was defined by what I do then I might call myself lazy, unsuccessful and then get discouraged about my future and maybe even give up. But I am determined to be better and define myself by what I have succeeded. To do this I celebrate my success and tell myself who I want to become and who I am because of my success and my desire to work towards it.

Maja E.
I am defined by my beliefs and thoughts which must be represented in my actions. So yes, I am defined by what I do.

Clifton O.
Definitely not we are not defined by what we do yes It changes our prospective but it doesn’t define us our thoughts and our decisions change constantly so we are different every day.

Antonino X.
Si un poco… Antes si me definía muchísimo por los viajes que hacías y que era trotamundos… Cuando eso se terminó me di cuenta ya no tenía nada que me definiera y me sentía súper inseguro… Ahora no quiero caer en el mismo error con TEO, lo que me debe definir es lo qu verdaderamente soy, un ser mental individual perfecto, alegre, atrevido, audaz, inteligente, amoroso, paciente, divertido, y bueno! Qué siempre está en un continuo desarrollo de si mismo para a través del reconocimiento consciente disfrutar lo bueno y completo de si mismo!

Norah T.
Personally I would say, that everything I do is of cause a part of my life and that's why I would also say, that every thing you do is a part of you and if you change your self you get progress on who you want to be and this imaginary's define me.
After this maybe a little bit confusing answer my key thought is a yes to this question, because with my actions I build up my dream life, which defines me.