To what music do you meditate?

Tasneem Z.
I love listening to the sound of the rain mixed with calming music, or the sound of water coming down from a stream, and also the sounds of the waves .It’s really soothing and refreshing. I feel like I’m watering myself, my body, and my mind each time I breathe in and out. As if the water is washing out the tiredness and heaviness in my brain and heart. How about you try it and tell me about your own experience 🙂
Hector W.
so far I am relieving myself with the Breathe music.
It has actually so breathtaking and calm sound. I do a little trick here before doibg meditating.
I do the relax music first where a lady's calm voice dictating you the self meditation and at the finishing point you seem lost yourself in your breathe.
Shortly after I began the meditation music.
And Viola! you good to go.
Wangui Z.
Usually i listen to nature’s sounds or nice calming music. Fabulous has a few good ones. Choose whatever one that make you feel calm and focused. Have a beautiful day🥰
William E.
Download Spotify, or Apple Music is fine too. Then, search for "Chilled Cow". They have some girl with a cat on the album page.