Are you finding that meditation is helping you deal with daily stresses more effectively?

Jean E.
I'm not sure to be honest. I definitely feels good, but I haven't tried it for coping with stress (yet). I think it's certainly a good habit to have and helpful for mental health overall 🙂 Keep improving!
Scooter N.
Meditation doesn’t eliminate stress. It helps to make me mindful of what the stressor is – and allows me to choose how to react, or not. Is your stress from a cause (that is out of your control); or your emotion or reaction to the cause?
Casey N.
I really do feel like meditation is helping me cope with the stress of daily life. I was always a skeptic and rolled my eyes when it came to yogis and meditation. Now I’m hooked. I can tell when I’ve meditated and when I haven’t because of how calm I am that day. I need more of it during work to control my temper and plan to add it to my afternoon routine as well. Thank you meditation for making me a calmer more patient and accepting human.
Jai F.
Not sure if it's directly helping with stress throughout the day, but it definitely helps me in the morning. Gives me more clarity and calms in morning stress
Lou Y.
Yes it has. I am generally a very anxious person and I suffer from chronic migraines because of it. But ever since I started meditating and practicing mindfulness daily I am much more calm. I have learnt to breathe through any stressful situations and I have coping mechanisms for when I start to feel anxious. I highly recommend an app called Calm.
Lina P.
Absolutely. I sleep better. I feel better. Taking a breath feels really good now. And when I’m in a really stressful situation, meditation is a great reset button.
Sally W.
I think it gives you more perspective what is stressing you out and maybe weather feeling that stress is worth it in the end. Often times I find the things I'm stressing out about aren't that important in the grand scheme of things and that the stress is counter productive