How long should we meditate for? And what’s the best way to get a positive mindset through meditating?

Cetin F.
Well me I jest say my prayers and jest do it I always thank u lord 4 another new day.good luck💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑💪💪👑
Mattias E.
I usually Meditate numerous times a day for 2-5 minitues. You can Meditate for longer, but that's up to you and how long your willing to do meditation. I also find that being greatful and thinking about things your greatful for is a easy way to start with the positive mindset… Enjoy it
Maridelza C.
As long as I need to, it is different on different days. I try to repeat to myself positive true about myself and visualize energy going through my body leaving all dark clouds behind me.
Korinna X.
I think meditating is a habit we build and we can start from 5 min and keep building up as our energy and mind strengths as we become more focus. To keep a positive mindset I try to focus on just pure energy and light filling me from head to toe and not being too hard on myself when I can concentrate as much it doesn’t matter as long as I keep showing up, meditating is a journey where we grow and learn
Franklin U.
A nice 5 – 10minutes is enough for me, I think about all of my problem, let it go as I exhale, I forgive my self and be grateful as i inhale
Sigrid T.
It all depends at what stage of meditation you are in. If you are a beginner start smaller everyday 5mn is good and build yourself to reach 30mn or +. What works for me is while meditating I let my mind and thoughts flow and those that came into my mind and i want to get rid of them I affirm them and exhale as if they were coming out of me and those positive ones I inhale them and thinking of a white light at the same time. 🙂
Elaine N.
I think the length you meditate is less important and the consistency of your routine is most! So figuring out what amount of time you can confidently meditate every day is the right answer.
Jessie P.
10 minutes are ok to start, if possible 15. I find it difficult to stay concentrated longer than this. With regard to how to keep a positive mindset, I think that the best way is to be kind to yourself and convince your mind that your deserve a break from your day even just to rest.
Silv Rio Q.
I do Min 20mins sometimes do longer when I have more time. When meditating, there is not positive or negative, everything is back to neutral. There is only selfless.
Anna Marie O.
As long as we need to to get our thoughts and our minds slowed so we can focus on our center and our breathing and become calmer and more aware of our goals.
Bertram B.
Meditate as long as you want and can afford to. Busy day? Take a quick five minute meditation. Easy day? See if you can do it for fifteen minutes, or longer. Meditation should be easy and there is really no way you can go wrong with it. There is a lot of techniques to meditate, and I recommend looking around and trying out different things to see what works for you. Keep in the back of your mind that meditating is about being in the moment. Letting go of your worries and all the thoughts that keep you bound to time. Be present. During meditation, you will often be overwhelmed by thoughts again. This is totally fine. Just catch yourself when you've drifted away and return to the present. Don't beat yourself up if you can't keep focused, this is all part of the progress. Keep meditating and with repetition you will notice it becomes easier. Meditation is not so much about having a positive mindset, although it will help to achieve a positive mindset. Focus on the good things in life, especially the small things. Focus on your goals and hobbies. Tell yourself you're a beautiful complicated human being and accept your mistakes. This will lead you to a positive mindset. Keep growing every day and remember you're awesome! You can't win if you've never lost. Don't be afraid to fail often, taking on a challenge and failing is much more important than not taking on a challenge and well.. doing nothing.
Jeppe F.
We should meditate for as long as we can the more the better . Honestly I'm still working out on the best way to get positive mindset while meditating specially during harsh times. But i guess while concentrating on your deep breaths the way you take it in and tracing it's way deep down coming back giving it out, feeling every bit of its makes youfeel alive and slowly you start to lose your trail of negitivity in order to concentrate on yourself your breath and their which is called mediation there you are! 😊
Carl P.
The duration doesn't matter, choose a consistent amount of time you're willing to set aside for this purpose. Give yourself enough time to fully relax. Focus on tensing then relaxing each area of the body starting with your toes and working your way up. Listen to your breaths, making them deep and even. Allow the air to fill your belly and come out slowly. If you want a positive focus, try to picture a positive virtue you'd like to practice more. For example, compassion. As you tense and relax each muscle let your mind picture compassion. "My feet hold me grounded to the earth, it allows me to feel safe to have compassion for myself and others." "My sturdy calves give me strength to keep me tall so that I can build up myself and others. " etc… positive self talk sounds cheesy at first but will relax you and fill you with calm. You'd be surprised. If negativity creeps in don't guilt yourself over it. Try to acknowledge the thought and let it go. Above all, it takes practice. You get better the more you do it.
Harper J.
I meditate for about 10 minutes each morning. This helps me settle into a calmer mood for the day. I don't see meditating as a chore, but a time to set intention for the day in a better light.