How do u encourage urself to meditate?

Megan R.
The streak I have in the app Headspace. But also knowing it will always make me feel good. I do it right before bed and it's so calming and relaxing.
Gabriela Z.
I think of meditation as self care. Taking the time to meditate means taking a little time off to make peace with your mind, and it’s something you do for yourself and your well-being. So I don’t really think of meditation as something I have to do, but rather as a way to spend quality time with myself.
Aala N.
At our religion we have some thing called (prayer) and it has its special way , and you must do it every day at special times . and it is even more than a meditation , it is like to put everything behind yourself and relax and enjoy by speaking with the source of glory and beauty . and Vice versa of meditation ,most of your problems will be fixed and you will get blessed and your mind will stress less about the problems at life and the future because you have a bigger target , and a shelter , and hope , also … . ( more than to describe)
Horst Dieter E.
I have to turn down the lights make sure nobody is going to bother me, and light a candle and put my diffuser on to feel good.
Katherine P.
I want to become a smart quite and reserved person who is very perceptive
And for that to happen I need inner peace so if I want results then I’m the only one who can put in the work .
Dale Z.
I try to meditate either when I have a break at work or directly after my shiftf. I find that doing a 10 minute meditation during this time keeps me as engaged as playing on my phone would and helps me center myself before continuing on with the day.
Elizabeth E.
For me I feel like it's a lifestyle, I no longer have to force myself into doing it. It really puts me in a state of calmness, so Im always chasing that feeling
Zohra X.
I used to sturggle with meditation. I was never a person to stay in one place and just breathe, while concentrating on my surroundings. But I realised in my life meditation is nessacery. Just 5 mins of that meditation everyday can change you into a more calmer and better person. It will help you to choose your decisions with more clarity. Meditation is always a plus point in your life. Just take 5 mins of your life to sit and just calm yourself. Start with guided meditations, and slowly increase the time. I promise, that it will help you so much. But you need to be consistent about it, to see the results. I know you can do it! I am with you, and many people out there are trying their best too!
Tuuli N.
I listen to a short guided meditation by Jason Stephenson. A properly guided meditation helps keep my mind occupied and focused on the meditation, so my thoughts won’t start racing wild.