What do you think meditation is? What does it mean to you?

Elena T.
Meditation to me is a specific moment in your day that you take only for yourself and helps you living a better, calmer and more organised life

Holly U.
Meditation is spending any amount of time being aware of your thoughts and breath. It is not thinking about nothing, but acknowledging thoughts you don't want and focusing on thoughts you do want. Guided meditations are really helpful and once you listen to a few you can guide yourself through a meditation.

Elaine S.
Guided meditation works best for me. I am currently using specific ones in the book 'Healing from the inside out', and you tube videos from Jason Stephenson to fall asleep. This type of meditation brings me into my right brain, helps me go deep, get in touch with my core. It quiets the stressful now. It brings me peace, insight.

Dhaval C.
Meditation is doing nothing making no effort whatsoever. Not controlling anything, neither breath nor thoughts. It is becoming at ease with whatever is going on around you and inside you.

Traugott N.
Mediation is a way for me to relax and not worry about anything so I do it quite often.For me I think mediation is a means to get closer to you self and get to know who you are better.

Mildred U.
Meditation is a moment you take for yourself, to concentrate only on the good. You need to make this moment forgive everything that made you mad, angry or sad in the day. You can do it in the morning, whenever you feel pressure or stress or before sleeping. Meditation can help you clear your mind of all the demons that makes you stay up late, not knowing what to do to fall asleep and stressing.