Is there a good 30-day meditation program to follow?

Farhan N.
it's up to you, you use headspace or serenity and follow the guide.
Do meditation everday 3 times e to 5 minutes. Very soon you will know the benefits and you will keep doing.
Corentin E.
Of course. The meditation allows you know what's is making noise in your head. Also calm your soul and body. In spiritual and physical level. You need to try this activity. Maybe you don't know how much useful is have time whit oneself.
Ishani Z.
Yes there is. I use headspace app for meditation and it has several courses/program for 30 days. Infact basic of meditation is divided into three- each having session of 10. So you can try that or pick what deems comfortable.
Lucas C.
On the app "Insight Timer", I followed a course called "31 day Workplace challenge" which was pretty good, just get the app (free) and search for that in the courses tab.