Not for meditation per say but I would like to ask how my fellow fabulous members find the time and concentration to write on a journal.

Stacey Z.
I doesn't take long. I do it in the evening to plan the key things for the next day then write 3 things I'm grateful for that day. Keeps me aware of my goals and what I achieved. It take less that 5mins before bed
Baldu No Z.
One simple method is to include this as part of evening routine or morning routine. If it is already part of your routine then check if it is part of correct routine where you spend more time. Once the timing is set, writing journal is as simple as texting our friends. May be at first we do not find anything important, that can be logged into journal. If that is the case, start writing at least two or three sentences of your feelings you felt in the day. Once the habit is developed, you may find yourself enjoying without worrying about timing or place to fill in your journal.
Corey J.
Often I find myself less able to concentrate at home or at the office than in a public, even noisy space. For example I can find the quiet and peace to write on my journal while sitting on a bench in a busy street in Barcelona on my way to the office, but not in a corner in the office or at home with the kids.

If I need to do a big effort or spread some notes or working materials I can go to bed early and wake up some 2 hours earlier before my family gets up; this usually wasted moment in the morning will probably be my most productive moment in the week. When I was younger this would typically happen after midnight before going to bed!

Norman T.
I linked it with having breakfast, so not only I don't look at my phone constantly, but I also do something for my head!
Leoberto Q.
Writing in my journal is a priority for me so I make sure to devote some of my time to spend on that activity. I use the app Jour and it asks me 3 questions to focus on and answer. The 1st is how I’m feeling or doing, then the next 2 questions vary each day. On average I spend about 15 minutes journaling. I use write in my journal habit for the fabulous app for my personal requirements and rarely what they suggest or offer as an option. But no matter what, I devote the time that I can spend even if it is only 5 minutes because something is better than nothing.
Zoe W.
Having it under my pillow in the morning really helps and works very good as an extra alarm, actually even better. And make your journal as personalized as possible!
Corentin Q.
I set mine in my night stand. My journal is simple… each page represents a month and number the lines 1 through whatever the last day of the month is (28,30,31). I write things I am grateful for in that moment from that day. It takes a minute.