Where do you meditate?

Loiraci O.
In my bedroom. Sometimes I make tea for my session and sometimes I burn incents. I also have a special meditation "bench" which makes me sit on my knees.
Emilie G.
Just as I wake up I do it in my bed in afternoons I do it some were peaceful like your bed room and for night time I do it in the living room
Ma Va Q.
I meditate in my bedroom because it is my own space. I think the most important part of meditation as far as location goes is to find somewhere where you won’t be disturbed and you feel relaxed.
Josane P.
I usually try to meditate early in the morning in my room while facing the window. However, whenever I feel stressed at work I can actually start meditating for several minutes in front of my desk. I even do this sometimes when I feel sleepy so instead of driniking coffee I meditate at my desk. It does wonders!
Albert U.
I usually just meditate in my desks chair. That is just most convenient for me and it does the job. For me a great thing about meditation is that you can do it anywhere you want. To me it seems counterproductive to bother what the ideal place for meditation is. Just sit down anywhere and focus on your breath!
Nora F.
I like to mediate in my room with my candle lit, pink light on with calm music in the background. I also like to mediate outside or at the yoga studio.
Erik E.
I have a chair in a spare room, I've added a candle, my journal, ear buds to listen to guided meditation, music etc., And told my husband that is my meditation space.
Beth Q.
I usually meditate in two places. In my bed laying down. The other is in my lazy boy with my feet up. I know there are meditation stools however I believe they would be too uncomfortable and distracting for me. Meditation really grounds and refreshes me.
Catalina E.
I meditate in a chair in my living room. I put a pillow against my back that gives my back just the right support to stay upright. I turn on one lamp for low light and listen to some background noise on an app while I count my breaths and slowly recite a verse of scripture or a poem that I have memorized.
Irena Q.
I use to meditate early morning at home, usually in the toys room of my son, but sometimes in the living room or even in the bathroom. I always meditate sitting on the floor with my back on the wall.
Ana Lle A.
While it's recommended to meditate in a seated position, I started my meditation practice prostrate in bed before bed time. That way I can focus on the meditation rather than get distracted by posture and discomfort.

Later, once I worked up my discipline, I was more easily able to meditate sitting on the floor, back straight against the wall, legs crossed. Then later without the wall.

Marshall Z.
I meditate in a large room, on a pillow and yoga mat. It is a very comfortable and convenient for meditation. No improvement needs to be done at this point.
Melinda X.
I usually meditate on floor or in bed of my room. I start mediating 2/3 days before and these 2/3 days i feel calm and relaxed. Also able to focus on my study.
Charlotte T.
I usually meditate in my room with some sort of soothing music playing, however when it is nice and sunny outside I decide to meditate outside on my porch.
S Crates I.
Though I want to meditate when I wake up, I have been doing it during the bight due to erratic sleeping time. I meditate alone in the room sitting on the bed.
Rebecca S.
I meditate wherever I am. If I am in Spain, I meditate in my living room, if I am in the USA I meditate in my bedroom on the arm chair.
Tania W.
I get in the corner on the floor by my bed. I was uncomfortable meditating at first. So I picked somewhere I felt comfortable but still could have privacy.