How can I deal with becoming sleepy during my meditation?

Madlen O.
Personally, I do my meditation sitting up and not resting my back on anything. This keeps away the temptation of falling asleep. I also do my best to keep my eyes open.
Carl W.
I don’t think it is an issue if you become sleepy during your meditation. First, I’d congratulate yourself for being able to relax that fully! If you find it inhibiting your ability to stick with it.. try meditating with your eyes open (soft gaze down at the floor) to keep yourself from dozing off. 🙏🏼
Patsy U.
I personally use open eyed meditation.

I stare at one point on the wall if I am sitting down or a point on the ceiling if I am lying down.

It is similar to the meditation where you have to focus on a candle flame rather than keeping your eyes closed.

Rachel Y.
The best way I've found is to sit up rather than lying down, and not to lean back on the back of the chair. This way you need to keep your core muscles actively engaged in keeping you upright. That posture keeps me alert, plus checking in from time to time on how my posture is. If I'm slouching a bit I straighten up. That process of constantly keeping good sitting posture keeps me alert during meditation.
Jonathan R.
Depends if you’re sitting up or lying down when you meditate. I feel like everything comes back to sleep. If you’re sleepy during meditation then you should review your sleep habits.
Tobias E.
Make sure you are getting enough sleep at night so you are not tired during the day, and try to stick to the same routine, sleeping at the same time every night, waking up at the same time every day, and meditating at the same time so your body becomes accustomed to the changes you are making in your life.
Krin Y.
Sometimes I become sleepy when I do my meditation but I take deep breaths and I am able to stay awake, also listening to music helps too.
Filino E.
Try to sit upright as lying down adds to the sleepiness.

If this doesn't do it you could keep your eyes partially or fully open and focused on a particular object or use your sight to look broadly as this often helps develop a connection to your surroundings.

Getting a little sleepy is ok as long as you stay awake and to be honest even if you do fall asleep it's not the end of the world meditation is for your benefit and if sleep is what it leads to maybe that's really what your body needs!

Joel J.
What I do is I open my eyes once an a while to stop from falling asleep. Don’t open your eyes too often or it will ruin the concept. If that does not work, try drinking some water beforehand, during and after meditation. Hope it works for you!
Reginald E.
If you are meditating at home, I say go ahead and take a snooze as your meditation moves you to. If you are not meditating in a spot where you can snooze, once you complete your meditation get up and take a walk and drink some tea or water. Remain quiet and be gentle as you revive yourself post-meditation.
Ludmila E.
I suggest you to try Anapana meditation practice on the first days of the meditation and read more about it by searching Vipassana Meditation course.
Be happy.
Christian F.
Sitting meditation is a good way to combat this. However, if your falling sleeping during meditation you either need some sleep or arent focusing enough.
Theresia U.
Meditate before you eat breakfast, and if still sleepy ensure you are upright and open your eyes slightly and just stare at one spot on the floor about 4 feet in front of you. Or experiment with walking meditation