Do you prefer to sit when meditating or do something else (lie down, walk, etc)?

Pet Nia P.
I prefer to sit. I can focus more on meditation, breathing when i dont walk or do anything particular. I dont think lying down is really good, i read that u can fall asleep.

Julie T.
If I am in a silent room and can focus, then sitting helps; however, my mind is in a stormy state most days. Walking seems to calm the storm in the mind. Once it is calm, I sit and focus on the object of my meditation.

Stephanie F.
I prefer sitting for my morning meditation but if I am walking later that day and feel like it I’ll meditate while walking too or before sleeping sometimes I’ll meditate while in bed.

Peter T.
What are what are the years I've realized that I need a moving meditation practice in advance of a seated practice. So I am doing 30 to 45 minutes of yoga practice at home followed by 108 mantras followed by seated meditation for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Romarigo E.
I love lying down, but sometimes I fall asleep. Sitting doesn't feel too comfortable. I do walking meditation as well–nature walks are my favorite

Clarinda Z.
It really depends on the where and when. Ideally, yes I like to be sitting outside in nature. The sitting cross-legged helps me stay present bc of the wonderful stretch to my hips. I also enjoy the breathing posture this allows. BUT if I cant sit or I can’t get outside, I just breath and go through my five senses. What do I hear, feel, smell, see, and taste. You cant help but be present.

Dale Y.
I prefer lying down, because in my yoga classes the posture "shavasana" is the most relaxing one, after all the workout, and I feel that way, my mindfulness is better

Peggy P.
I enjoy both sitting and walking when meditating. I live in the city so walking really forces you to focus which I like while still paying attention to everything going on around you. If I have the time there is also nothing better than sitting in a quiet room and meditating before starting my day. Lying down I find harder because I often fall asleep lol. Hope this was helpful.

Jamie Z.
I guess i prefer to sit in general, but I have often wanted more walking guided meditations but it seems like most aren't.

Isabella X.
I prefer to sit down and relax, sometimes I will do something with my hands like colouring or craft, other times I stay quite still.

Christina S.
I meditate last thing before I go to sleep / sometimes sitting up in bed, sometimes laying down. When I occasionally meditate during the day it is usually laying flat on my back on my bed

Terra Z.
It depends on what my goal is n where I am when meditating. I like to lie down whenever I can mostly, but if I'm focusing on energizing myself or something else of that nature & in the morning I sit up. If I'm loo4to relax & release stress or getting ready to sleep I lie down. Just find what your most comfortable with. Try different options till you find your best fit.

Jared F.
I prefer to sit down in a chair. I’ve tried sitting down on the ground before but I find it too painful, and I end up losing focus. I also take a few meditative breathes in bed before sleeping

Jeppe Z.
I prefer to walk or move while I meditate. I personally have a hard time staying still, so even though sitting or lying down may be a better option for me, I feel more comfortable moving.