Any favourite guided meditations that help build focus and determination?

саша якименко N.
медитация на встречу с высшим я, это та медитация которая даёт мне большую перезарядку, медитация на прощение папы, я делала ее один раз, но она довольно сильная, медитация от алины на любовь к себе, я заплакала когда ее слушала, она очень сильная

Ken S.
Please go to the app called “Happy Not Perfect” if you so choose to do so in order to find some initial options that are totally and forever free and only pay of it is something in which you are personally totally invested and with which you are comfortable. Good luck on your incredible adventure!

Sean J.
No not really,I try to do that on my own. Cuz when reality hits you those are the times you need it. I like to build and find that within myself. Hope that helps💕