How do you meditate? What should meditating consist of? How can I make it most effective?

Lya G.
I meditate in my bed, lying. I really appreciate the shorter breather types than the longer meditations. I really enjoy the meditation which focuses on the body.
Lynn O.
For me, meditation is a new practice. One that I am welcoming with open arms. I try find a seated position, with a straight back, but relaxed shoulders. I close my eyes, and concentrate on my breath first. This seems to be the easiest way for me to get my mind in a better headspace. I still get easily distracted, but I’m focusing on trying to bring my thoughts back. I try to say a little mantra to myself, remind myself that I am loved, I am worthy of love, and if I don’t feel it from others, I can give it to myself.
Prac Dio C.
I recently went on a course to learn how to meditate and if that’s something you’re able to do I would definitely recommend it! I learned a lot and got the opportunity to meditate as a group, which was really powerful. Then everyone shared their experiences with the meditation and it made me feel less alone in things I was struggling with, and made me realise some things I didn’t even know I was doing!

Most importantly though it got me into the habit of doing it, which I think is all anyone needs to make meditation effective- let go of expectations and judgement and do it every day.