How do you sit while you meditate?

Lohan Y.
While meditating, I sit however I feel comfortable. Sometimes I sit with my legs crossed on the floor or on my bed! You can also sit in a chair or lay on the floor or your bed!! If you lay on your bed, it is best to meditate at night right before sleeping(:
Meghan C.
Sometimes I sit upright on the edge of my bed with my feet planted on the floor and each hand wresting on each knee with palms facing up, most of the time holding a stone, however most of the time I sit cross legged on the floor and doing the rest the same.
Karolina F.
I rarely sit like what has been publicized, on the floor with legs crossed and back straight. That is too uncomfortable for me. I will sit in a comfortable chair or on a sofa or lay down. I will also do walking meditation. The well known Metaphysical or occultist writers from the late 1800’s and 1900’s always either sat in high back chairs, laying on a sofa or walked while meditating. It is not necessary to sit like what is advertised now days. True meditation is the utilization of the consciousness to acquire information, to hear the voice of the silence, to enter into pure awareness. I’ve learned and practiced for the past 11 years to always be in a state of awakened meditation no matter what I am doing. I am always in contact with my voice of the silence and acquiring information and asking questions. I always say be comfortable that way there is less distraction and easier to quiet the mind and awaken the awareness to the voice of the silence and the realm of all possibilities and potentialities, divine intelligence. Now when I’m raising my spinal energy by using special breathing techniques, up to my brain, which I’ve been doing for 11 years, I prefer to be upright rather than lay down. What science is now finally discovering and releasing has always been known by the few who have made it their purpose to know the secrets of self realization.
Jenny E.
I meditate 3 times a day, twice lying down and once sitting. I have mobility issues so sitting is difficult for me but I find that sitting guarantees I won’t fall asleep while meditating. My morning meditation is a lying down mindfulness meditation with movement, my afternoon meditation is a sitting routine and the last is in bed to help fall asleep. You can meditate in whatever position works for you. You can even do a standing meditation.
Eva Y.
Hey! I sit with my feet on the floor and my hands on my legs, with my back against a sturdy chair. I try not to be too stiff, but also not so slouched that I’ll fall asleep or out of the chair. I hope this finds you well! 🙂