Is it important to have a specific cushion to go to to meditate, or is it okay to meditate from bed right when you wake up if that`s working for you?

Emile O.
Fabulous recommends to have a specific space or at least a cushion for meditatation which helps anchor it as a habit. I find either my bed with lots of pillows and cushions behind my back or a reclining sofa in the living room perfect for me. As long as you are comfortable and no one will disturb you you should be fine anywhere you choose 🙂

Joan F.
I personally prefer to wake up and go straight into my meditation from bed. It's a conscious and peaceful way to start the day, give myself a few more moments in bed while not sleeping and become aware of my body. I have found that if I leave my bed to go to a specific cushion to meditate I find excuses to not leave the bed, fall back asleep or just put it off. This is the easiest and most consistent way that I can start my day with intention and not adding extra steps

Nino W.
That depends entirely on you. Many people adore the ritual of elaborately defining every new space with as many trinkets and treasure possible. Others may opt for an old yoga mat or a scenic outdoor location. It comes down to what motivates you to complete your meditation 🧘‍♀️ practice every day.

Hans C.
Ultimately it’s what works for you. However, there is value in having a designated cushion and a specific space in which you always meditate. If you are consistent, the cushion and space will eventually represent the peace and focus gained from the meditation. They will have that energy. Whereas your bed is for sleeping, so it holds sleeping energy. I made my own cushion. I purchased the foam, selected the fabric and zip, and had a friend sow it together for me. It’s a custom meditation cushion and it’s connected to me!

Rosalyn O.
In my opinion, it's okay to meditate anywhere! (Except while driving.) A specific area or cushion can be beneficial by helping you enter the meditation mindset, but if you like to meditate in bed or somewhere else, then by all means do it! The important thing is that you're meditating at all.

Brooklyn B.
All you need for meditation is a place to sit, some silence or calm music, and a willingness to commit to sitting still and trying to focus on your breathing. Actual time or place is solely up to you based on what is most calm and comfortable.

Eugene C.
It is recommended to have a set place for meditating such as having a comfortable chair or cushion to use each time you meditate but it's not necessary. There are meditations you can do in bed, but the draw back of this is that it is easy to become too comfortable and fall asleep.

Billy S.
It’s better to do it comfortable that’s for sure although I suggest on the floor rather than bed as you could have tendency do drift back to sleep.

Lia T.
Sure. I think meditation is different for everyone. Whatever position is comfortable and works for you, then that's great, you're doing it right.

Mattie T.
I don’t think you need a cushion. Meditating in a chair is good too. I do think it’s important to get out of bed. I I do find it works well to have a special chair. I find it a nice ritual, which helps me want to do it when I feel too tired, busy or distracted.

Diane P.
Consistency fortifies habit. Insomuch as the same cushion is involved you'll be more tempted to meditate on it as opposed to anything else if it's part of your routine. However, maintaining the stillness in your mind is the central point of meditation so I do not see why meditating right from bed would be any different. At the end of the day, it helps to do it on the same cushion so the mind can get accustomed to the habit.

Louna O.
A proper postures during meditation is crucial but it's up to you which type of cushion are you using. please remember about correct posture. Please Google "how to sit during zazen" good luck!

Ma Lia Q.
I think it’s best to use whatever method works best for you when it comes to meditation. The key is to make it part of your routine and if any part of it feels forced or hurried it won’t become routine.

Lola T.
For me a cushion is better although meditating in bed can work also. I just fine that it makes it harder for me to get out of bed when I meditate in bed.

Laurenz X.
Both are fine. The most important thing is to choose a place where you can disconnect and just let your mind relax and roam free.

Ma Lle S.
Hi, I don't have any professional knowledge but think that meditating in bed in the morning is a great way to start the day, and no worse than sitting on a cushion. Especially if you find it working for you.

I almost always meditate laying down because that's the only way I feel truly relaxed with body not tagging at my mind all the time. I read about the preferred sitting position to keep 'alert' and prevent falling asleep but that hasn't been an issue and I'm feeling great after my meditations.

Hope that helps, and happy meditating! 🙂

Jordano O.
I think the most important aspect of meditation is that you’re leaving room for yourself to reflect on your body/breathing and have a peaceful dialogue with your inner self! 🙂 if a specific cushion cues you to start that practice every time you’re seated on it then that’s great! Meditating can be done lying down, sitting at a desk, walking around during the day… so whatever brings you into the space you’re seeking to create is GOOD 🙂

Quentin Q.
Meditation is very personal. Some say they don’t meditate lying down because they fall asleep, but if lying down and meditate works for you, go for it. Personally, it’s my favorite position because it’s easiest on my back and knees.

Thibaut Y.
Hi, personally, I prefer to lie in my power chair or while in bed. I need a pillow under my knees because of back issues. I have had 2 center core spinal fusions, involving 7 vertebrae, so far two more are starting to cause trouble, however, being 82 soon, the neurosurgeons may not choose to operate and 2 total hip replacements. My neck is really the most troublesome, but I won't let anyone to think of doing surgery on my neck! There are 5 vertebrae that are a problem. I will only agree to the surgery if I am facing paralysis, which I do not think will happen. Just pain, but I can handle that.
However, to answer your question, I am more comfortable lying down. I get more benefit from that position. It may not be the best position, but with my spinal issues, I find that I can relax more in lying down. I am a very
Involved with my wacky family. I am blessed with 9 grandchildren (7 boys. ) We love getting together frequently to tease, complain, love each other. We are a very loud and weird family, which makes for a lot of laughter! No one is spared! We have fun! That is important.
Be well, be happy and laugh a lot!

Florian Y.
I recommend not staying in bed to meditate because you risk falling back to sleep. You don't need a special cushion to meditate. I just meditate in the living room on the couch.

Denise X.
Yeah sure. Do what works best for you. I meditate with my yoga blocks so I don't hurt my hips, or on a pillow on my bed. Or I'll lay down and do a guided meditation. What's most important, I think, is to have a place set aside to meditate in, and have a time to do it. It helps the habit to stick.

Jenny W.
Its very important to leave the bed and make a spot where you meditate every day and be with yourself .. gradually you will find that this spot will become your sacred space. Just by being there you will find peace.

Liam W.
Well it's fine to do it after you freshen up in morning. Having a separate space and accessories is helpful, and if that can't be arranged then meditating on bed is also fine. Main thing is that you do meditate regularly

Loreen O.
It is always better to have one specific place in which you can go to center yourself as a habit. If that is when you wake up and in your bed in the same position then that is it but it should be the same place and method.
If it is a different place every so often or every time then your mind and body will not center and you will not find your Chi.

Frida C.
I think that, if it's working for you to meditate from bed, go with it. If that stops working for whatever reason, it might be worth considering whether having a specific spot or cushion could make a difference for you.

Katrine P.
Sure, if it's working for you than do it like that. I personally meditate lying on the floor because I enjoy the solidness of the ground.
I think the goal is to get to know your mind – how and where you do that doesn't matter too much in my opinion

Marcus J.
The most important thing for meditation is comfort. If it doesn't work for you to use a specific cushion, don't. it may work for some people to have a designated spot or thing to meditate at or on, but if you find it easiest to meditate in bed, that's totally ok!

Lisa Z.
Remember, your bed is your sleep sanctuary. So it is best to have a separate "meditating sanctuary" I keep a yoga mat rolled up under my bed so that I'm able to get up and sit on it to meditate right away.