Are you having fun with other Fabulous users?

Concetta E.
Not really, I don’t have many interactions with others and usually prefer not to because I think it overly burdens or complicates my life
Jonathan N.
I don’t get into other fabulous users. Not sure how that works either. However, receiving questions is nice part of it. Answering them gives me a small fraction of satisfaction, thinking that I might be of help to someone. One way of learning is by trying to share some knowledge and think about wether my theory is valid. These questions do just that. If it would help anyone, that’s great!
Marolo C.
No… I’m more of a lone wolf who takes pride in setting my own goals and quietly achieving and rewarding myself personally.
Phillip S.
I would like to interact more! At least I think I would- I don’t use Facebook that much but I do use Instagram & WhatsApp.

I showed my wife the Fabulous App and she downloaded it and purchased a year service, but she doesn’t use Fabulous or the App that much and my 12 yo son was trying to learn and follow some of the Fabulous App as well as YouTube videos along with my wife about 4 months ago.. but it didn’t “take hold” with them.

But I think I would enjoy interacting with other Fabulous App and Fabulous users!

Albert Z.
In my job I deal with the public on a one to one basis. Sometimes I can see over twenty people in a day. At home I need to recuperate so I don’t see the app as a place to connect with others. I see it as a place to connect with myself and create the future
Carol Y.
Why yes I am having fun answering and asking questions oddly I’m not sure where all my questions and answers go, it is a mystery