What helps your meditation the most? A particular music track? A specific calm space?

Silje Z.
A specific place in my appartement helps. tje only thing I need to do it to go in thst location than I am gently "forced" to sit and start as at that point there is not much else to do.

What helps to is to make that habit directly consecutive to another solid habit. For exemple, as I rise I sit. strait when I wake up.

Karena A.
I started with using guided meditations on youtube such as the 6 phased meditation from mindvalley or hypnosis style themed meditations. As i started to feel more comfortable with meditating on my own, the voices of others started to be a distraction. At this point I switched to high frequency vibration sounds which a also available on youtube. There are different versions such as 963, 832, 432 hz. I find these to be really powerful in reaching a deep meditative state.
Ricky E.
I took a specific meditation course, I personally find a quite space the most important. In the morning I enjoy just being present and doing my gratitude with a quite mind and breathe focus, but in the evening when my mind is often fully of the days events, I often enjoy a guided sleep meditation to focus the mind and help me relax 🙏🏼
Thibaut E.
I have found that wearing a sleep mask and using headphones to help me the most. Through trial and error, I found out that I need a quiet dark place in order to relax. So, these two things, along with a guided meditation track, do the trick for me.
Pedro C.
I have a ritual for starting and finishing my mediation. I meditate in the morning, and I always hold a cup of hot coffee or tea in my hands. For starting the mediation, I take a sip and do three deep breaths. For finishing, I take three deep breaths first and then a sip of coffee/tea. This helps me focusing and gives my mediation a clear beginning and end.
Kristen P.
A specific place at a specific time. I meditate for 10 minutes in a quite location when I get to work. I have a phone app that functions as a timer which also helps. I am still working on a routine at home.
Lenny Q.
A quiet and calm environment is essential for my meditation practice. I like to use headphones to play calming music or sounds, or a guided meditation audio. The headphones are essential for me because they help block out unwanted sounds in the background. I also like to journal before and after. Journaling before meditating helps me to get those racing thoughts outside of my head. Journaling after helps me to remember those brilliant I have while meditating and to keep track of my progress.
Clifford S.
A specific space, and doing it early in the morning before the day has begun. The mind likes ritual, and I've found using the same mat, having candle light etc convince it that something special is going on and it should pay attention.
Peter Michael G.
A plac where I'm not distracted. It can be anywhere, but mostly a place that's not too quiet but not loud. I like to turn on my cat water fountain when I'm at home, or white noise. It can also help to focus on a smell or a touch, like lighting a candle or petting a dog. Just close your eyes and narrow in on one sense.
Kathy U.
For me the guiding is important, no need for specific music, but special care both regarding instructions about breathing as well as the pondering of concepts
Thea G.
Calm ambient, very low light.. preferebly natural sounds of birds, animals and wind.. moonlight is perfect light amount, but when at home a candle or a small lamb on salt will be very good as well. I focus on breathing on a fixed rythem, best if no human-caused sounds are there at all. I close my eyes very often but stay very alert anyways, it enhances my other senses i feel.