How do you keep your back from hurting during meditation.

Catherine Z.
I sit on a yoga mat on the floor. Roll my shoulders back and keep a straight spine. If I have pain, I sometimes use the wall for support and add a towel or cushions to the mat
Mz M.
Meditation can be practiced in many positions ~ with a lower back n neck issue myself ~ I stretch first to prepare . I use a donut pillow to sit on – one can roll a towel like a donut 🍩 also – when sitting takes pressure off the tailbone and helps support the back – meditate in increments , a few minutes to start and build slowly one block of a few mins each day or every other day ~ This can help condition the body to longer sessions . Focus a few moments of your meditation to be grateful for your back , picture n visualize the muscles n soft tissues in a healthy free from issues way ~ expect a smooth block of time to focus on what you want ( instead of what your do not want ) gratitude that you have a back that supports you ~ . What the minds thinks , the body follows . Practice the mindset , practice stretches , practice meditations set up to a comfortable advantage ~ prepare ahead for success . I hope this is helpful. It does wonders for me ~