How do you keep up the habit? Or return to it if there’s a break?

Mary R.
I just keep in my memory how good I feel when I’m done and that makes me keep going. If there’s a break it lasts for only 1 day, if the circumstances are under my control.
Rick S.
I make a to – do list everyday to stay on task. And that's why every hour has something that needs to be done. Even free time. Because without free time, you're not going able to do stuff.
Susan Z.
I just do it every day and if I miss one day of one habit I just allow myself to miss it. There was a reason so I don’t beat myself up. I just get back to it the next day.
Laila N.
I keep up my habits by having them be the first thing I look at when I wake up and the last thing I see before going to sleep. I also keep my notifications on and going for this app so I get constant reminders to stay on top of my stuff. It hasn't even been a whole week yet, but I'm feeling a lot better and more motivated than I was before.
Jaiana Z.
I kinda just pick up where I left off, the key to consistently is to not give up even if you happen to take a break. Keep going ✨
Selma Z.
I remember why I started and how it will affect me in the future if I keep doing it. Even tho I'm not consistent I'm trying to keep up everyday hoping that I will not have anything pushing me back from doing it and eventually doing it naturally with no need of an app
Kartikeya N.
By scoring yourself everyday.
Make a list of the tasks which you have to get done everyday.Make up a point system in which you give yourself points for completing tasks.
Label the tasks as easy,medium or hard and allot points accordingly.
For example,I give myself 1 point for completion of an easy task,2 for a medium and 3 for a hard task. At the end of each day score yourself and keep comparing these scores.You will have an idea about which tasks you are able to complete and which you are not and thus you will be able to improve upon it.
Rachel L.
Set a time that's convenient everyday (i.e. break time at work, lunch, after dinner etc.). Set an alarm on your phone reminding you to do it. Have discipline. Heed the alarm. Realize the life changing result of the habit. Use an app like Calm. Use the keys for any habit-building success….make it easy, build it into your day, pair it with another habit (even if its unrelated like taking your break or brushing your teeth because research has shown this significantly ups your chances of making it a regular habit). Never give up. If you don't have 30 minutes, do 5.
B R Nice E.
I remind myself of why I wanted to create this habit and I will gain from doing it. I remind myself of the benefits and envision how I will feel after having accomplished it. When I break it, I return to it by acknowledging my breakdown, processing what didn’t work, forgive myself and create a reset in my mind of a plan to get back into the habit.
Ferdinando Q.
To keep it up for sure you need to remember to do it so alarms and things like those are essential. At the beginning for sure you have some difficulties at doing the new habit because you forget about it, but also when it become more “habitual” you may need to use alarms as you could always slip out of them. For those who you take a break from, to get back to them you need for sure to concentrate and understand why you have to continue them, and then: alarms is the answer