In what duration, and how frequently, do you meditate?

Flora Y.
I meditate for thirty minutes a day, but I break it down into 10 minutes or 15 minutes increments. Once in the morning, once in the early evening and sometimes once before I sleep.
Tori N.
I follow guided meditations on spotify that range from 5-15 minutes, I try to meditate twice a day.. in the morning and at night. So far I have done that, hopefully I keep up the routine
Loulou N.
At least everyday for 10 minutes with my Headspace app. It brings me a certain peace of mind. Trains my brain and develop new skills with focus & feelings. And I use Fabulous to meditate around it, but that’s a different kind of meditation. It’s more a way of reflecting on behavior and if it still serves me. About seeing you habits.
Andreas F.
My standard time is 10 mins, and it will goes from there, sometimes it reach to 20 mins. My favourite times to meditate is in the morning when i wake up it helps to regulate my body, hormone, stress and anxiety to start the day. It gives me more confidence. And sometimes during the day when i overcome with stress amd anxiety. Lately i start writing whats on my mind so i can put it out when i meditate
Linda U.
I meditate about 30 minutes a day. 15 minutes in the morning commute and 15 minutes in the evening commute. Sometimes I meditate before sleeping as well.
Lee C.
I meditate every day for 5 minutes , I will eventually start meditating for longer when I feel like meditating for 5 minutes is no longer enough to satisfy me !