What time of day to meditate works best for you?

Michelle T.
Probably in my case it would be in the morning so that I can start my day fresh! Knowing that it would be okay throughout the whole. Usually it would be hard for me to wake up because of headaches but now, when I meditate it’s all cool!!!
Sami E.
Whatever time my mind feels at its most relaxed, usually early morning then again sometime during midday. Night sessions is toughest because thats when the whole events of the day start spinning.
Rachel U.
Lately I have begun meditating twice a day, in the morning and again before bed. One of these, usually the bedtime one, will be very short, about 5 minutes. If I am pressed for time in the morning, I will let that be short and try to do a longer one in the evening. By putting this into my Fabulous routines I am much more likely to get it done as well!