How did you know meditation was working for you? What benefits did you notice once you were meditating regularly?

Virgil J.
i knew it was working for me the more peaceful i felt after every mediation and throughout the day as each day passed. i was able to self-reflect more without feeling guilty or bad about myself. i was able to start embracing the highs and working through the lows in a healthy, positive manner.
Justin F.
I sleep better, my mind is calm and there's just that weird calm feel 😅 I suggest an app called medito. It's free and there's lots of different meditations
Rosa F.
I never was a person who use to meditate, but with the app I said let's try it, and now I love it, I meditate upon I wakeup and before to sleep and it help me to feel relax, happy, confortable with myself.
Eleonora S.
Meditation makes me focus on the control of my thoughts, emotions, body sensations and body relaxation. I can relax my muscles which are always contracted, i can free my mind and heart. I can focus on my real needs and on who i really am. I do understand my mistakes and bad habits or bad behaviours. I do forgive myself.
George Y.
I noticed I began to be more aware of a lot of my negative and unconscious thoughts. I can hear/notice all the time I'm being critical about others and myself、and realise it's not being realistic.
I'm slowly getting more conscious of my deepest inner talking、and so I get to rewire it、and induce a more positive talk.
Which helps me being less annoyed in a regular basis、more understanding、and open.
I feel like I'm on the way to (re) discover and revive my true self.
I also feel more 'connected' on a spiritual level.
(Have been doing a 30~ 45mn meditation every day for 3 months)
Cassie T.
Able to think more clearly and for the long term. More calm and less angery when things are not working out as they should.
Effie I.
I realized that I was more mindful,happy,energized and productive throughout my whole day so I decided to make it part of my routine!