How long should I do guided meditation for?

Christian C.
I start with 5-10 minutes when I haven't meditated in a while. Then the more often I do it I usually try for 20 minutes or longer depending on what I want to achieve. Sometimes a couple hours can be achieved and gives you a fresh perspective.
Rae Q.
I strive for five minutes a day and I plan to do a guided one till I feel capable of doing it on my own. I have done one unguided meditation and it went great but I still enjoy the guided one to help keep my focus.
I am sure you will know when you are ready, just listen to your body. Much love to you in your journey. 🙂
Jimi Q.
I've heard at least or about 15 minutes is the minimum time for a great benefit, but I'm doing short meditations at the moment while I build the habit. I get back pain from sitting up to meditate for more than 5 minutes, so I'm doing 5 minute meditations while sitting with a pillow supporting my back. It's not a long term solution; it's a start to keep my hand in and build a consistent habit that I can further build upon later in terms of duration and the way that I sit.
Alysha P.
So far, 10-12 minutes has been as long as I can meditate for with guidance. I just started only 3 days ago. I think each person is different. Eventually, I would like to meditate for longer. It's interesting how much my brain jumps around thoughts when I am trying to focus and silence all the white noise. I've never felt calmer than during and after a meditation. It actually makes me super relaxed and sleepy too so I suggest meditating before bed if that helps. Or, sit up instead lying down to avoid sleepiness.
Milka N.
I would say it really differs from person to Person so long as you dedicate yourself to a consistent timeframe as that should you keep you motivated and give you a guideline I’m doing 10-15mins and on weekends will aim for 20-30mins
Savannah U.
However long you’d like to meditate. If you’re new to meditation, I’d recommend starting with a shorter guided meditation, maybe 5 minutes long. I like to do 15 minute meditations myself.
Audrea W.
I think 5- 10 minutes is long enough in the beginning of learning guided meditation.
It does take around 8 wks…my opinion only! I have read up on medication in the past and watched a few YouTube vids, the longer….apparently….you meditate the easier it gets. And…that after a while only takes up 5 mins of your time. So I cant wait to again,master the art of meditation. It seemed so easy years ago. Maybe my mindset was a lot different back then. But I found d when I did manifest something into my life,I would stop medication.
Eugene O.
I think 5 min is ok is you are just getting started, then you can started by doing longer meditation like 10 then 15 and like that. Of course only if you would like that.
Marius E.
5minutes minimum can be enough to reset mentally if you don't have time to meditate longer. You can build up time that's comfortable for you.
Paula X.
As long as you feel like it :). Then when you feel you can try also just by yourself. Also mix different meditations, nothing is set in stone.